weapon (melee)


There are no more loathed, feared, and coveted weapons anywhere in the Empire of Rokugan than the Bloodswords. Four in number, they are easily the most dangerous weapons ever crafted by the hand of man. Each time one surfaces, it wreaks terrible havoc throughout the land causing death in the hundreds or even thousands before finally bringing absolute ruin to whomever wields it. Having finished its work, the sword disappears only to surface again years or generations later. To date, no Bloodsword has ever been successfully destroyed.

All of the Bloodswords are aware and can communicate with those who ear them, although they only do so in times of great need. The Bloodswords are all DR 4k4 katana. All of them have the ability to harm any foe, regardless of normal immunities.


Ambition has tasted the blood of an Emperor, a member of the Hantei line, and will thirst forever for more. Shoju’s wielding of Ambition set off the events within the Scorpion Clan Coup in a dramatic and violent way that may not have occurred without its presence. Ambition was retrieved by Ujina Unmei, formerly a general in the Akodo family, now a daimyo within the Hare Clan and, more importantly, Kolat Master Tiger. How this will effect the major changes being made to the Kolat structure over the next few years is unknown, but, if Ambition’s call and history is any example, the Kolat and Unmei are in for a dangerous, violent future.

Ambition’s curse is triggered any time the bearer interacts with someone who has lower Glory but higher Status. The bearer must succeed at a Raw Willpower ROll against a TN of 25 or the sword immediately compels them to attack the individual instantly. The wielder gains a +15 bonus to all Deceit and Stealth Skill Rolls. He may cast the spell Forgotten Murmurs at will (see 3rd Ed L5R p231).

Ambition’s power grows upon taking new bodies. Its will has increased and will continue to do so as it feeds from the soul of the Hantei Emperor and its current purpose is to taste such Divine Blood again – even if it has to manipulate the downfall of the Empire to do it!


Unmei’s Ambition has slain the following:

Hantei XXXVIII (Shoju killed during the Coup)

O-Shochu, the Fortune of Sake (Unmei killed with Taka’s help)


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