Shosuro Yusuko [Former PC]


Shosuro Yusuko

Scorpion Infiltrator

Yoriki to Emerald Magistrate Otomo Oniwobanshu

Rank5 Honor2.4
XP269 (0) Glory7.8
Insight238 Infamy0.9
Kharma1 Status3
InitiativeInsight+REF k REF9k4
Normal TNREFx5+5+bonuses25 = (4×5)+5+x
Armor TNREFx5+5+Armor+bonuses30 = (4×5)+5+5+x
Attack5k3Attack5k3Attack4k3 (5k3 thrown)
DamageSTR+3k2 = 6k2DamageSTR+2k2 = 5k2DamageSTR+1k1 = 4k1
NotesNotesNotesCan be thrown up to 20’
Wound LevelTotalItems
Healthy (+0)20Light Armor
Nicked (+3)28Sturdy Black Clothing
Grazed (+5)36Daisho / Aiguchi
Hurt (+10)44Yusuko’s Mask (+xk0 Acting, All Emphases)
Injured (+15)52Traveling Pack
Crippled (+20)60Fabulous Versatile Kimono & Slippers
Down (+40)68Jade Teacup – Imperial
Out76Ornate Teacup – Shosuro Kitajima
Carved Boar’s Tusk – Moto Jin-San
Yoriki Koku: 50
Koku: 10 Bu: 0 Zeni: 8
ActingAWA315k5+xk0 ; x = Insight Rank
All Emphases
AthleticsSTR37k4Used when throwing knives
Difficult Terrain -1 Water
CourtierAWA37k4+3 Insight
Craft: PoisonAGI37k4
+3 Insight
Lore: HeraldryINT37k4
Lore: LawINT37k4Commerce
Lore: Ryoko OwariINT26k4
NinjutsuAGI/REF26k4AGI melee, REF ranged
SincerityAWA37k4Deceit (10k5)
Sleight of HandAGI26k4
StealthAGI517k5Sneaking, Shadowing
TemptationAWA37k4Males (8k4)
Shosuro Infiltrator
The Path of ShadowsNo Honor loss for use of Low skills if in service to Scorpion Clan
+2k0 Stealth
Strike from DarknessIf ambushing, raises not limited by void, add school rank to attack, or
half school rank against someone suffering a condition effect
Steel Within SilkIf ambushing or when using ninjutsu, attack as simple action
Whisper of SteelOpponents & bystanders roll contested Investigation (Notice) PER vs.
Stealth AGI. Only useable if single attack per round.
The Final SilenceOn damage, Void point to increase two dice to 10s, they do not explode. Multiple uses allowed.
Advanced School (Bayushi Saboteur?)
Ancestor: Shosuro+3k1 to Acting, Sincerity (Deceit), Stealth rolls8
Ally (2 / 2)Shosuro Kitajima3
Ally (1 / 1)Moto Jin-sanAwarded
Dangerous Beauty+1k0 to Temptation rolls (Males)1
Read LipsPER vs TN 15 + 5 for every 20’4
Servant (Attendant)Kosatoshi3
Silent+1k0 to Stealth rolls2
Spy Network8
Failure of Bushido: CompassionVoid point to act on behalf of someone of lower status5
InsensitiveVoid point to risk myself for others welfare unless benefit to myself or lord3
Dwell in DarknessFire 3+2k0 Stealth, -5pts damage
3Lore: Heraldry 1,2
3Lore: Law 1,2
3Courtier 3
3Etiquette 3
12Agility 3
12Intelligence 3
3Kata: Dwell in Darkness
12Stamina 3
12Willpower 3
12Strength 3
12Perception 3
2Lore: Law 3
0Lore: Law – Emphasis Commerce
3Investigation 3
2Acting 2
16Awareness 4
1Lore: Ryoko Owari 1
8Spy Network
16Agility 4
16Intelligence 4
3Acting 3
16Reflexes 4
16Strength 4
16Perception 4
16Stamina 4
16Willpower 4
3Athletics 3
3Commerce 3
3Craft: Poison 3
3Lore: Heraldry 3
3Sincerity 3
3Temptation 3
2Forgery 2
2Lore: Ryoko Owari 2
2Sleight of Hand 2
2Tantojutsu 2
9Stealth 4,5

The shrill voice of a lone cricket pierced the night’s stillness. A chill was in the air, with only a slight breeze waving the blossoms of the cherry trees in the courtyard. The inky-black shadow of a figure rose from behind a small shrine and darted to servants’ doorway. Shosuro Yusuko fought the urge to breathe a sigh of relief, few had managed to approach the manor proper undetected. She slid the screen aside briefly as she slipped inside. She paused, studying the hallway for the briefest of moments, her objective lay on the other side of the building. She would have entered the structure closer to her target, but could find no way past the sentries. The risk of possible detection on a longer course outweighed the surety of detection on the direct route. She moved down the hall and from room to room as if she resided here. A soft moan made her stop instantly. After a moment she smiled to herself. Not all the inhabitants were sound asleep for the night. Luckily for her, they had more pressing matters to attend to than a shadowy figure sneaking around. She approached a long hallway that led to her target and paused, care was needed here and her training would be put to the test. Slowly she stepped across the wooden floor, one wrong move would alert all within earshot to an intruder.


Yusuko winced for an instant, knowing what was about to come.

“Again!” cried a voice. She spun at once and exited the room of the dojo. “Unacceptable. Your form is all wrong; a drunken Crab could have heard you from a mile away!” She winced at the scathing remarks from her sensei. “Hai, sama,” she intoned, her gaze upon the dojo floor.

“Your body says one thing when your lips say another, young Yusuko. It betrays your thoughts,” [Bayushi Churai] chided. “Do not be ashamed at your failures, embrace them and learn from them. Only here can you do so. Once you leave, assuming you ever do, you will not learn from them any longer, but only die because of them.”

“Now, again!”

Yusuko noticed the sensei’s assistants had been busy as she once again entered the nightingale testing. All of the shoji had been rearranged, and none of the rooms were the same.

“One does not need to bathed in shadow to be hidden,” the instructor paused “to strike without notice.” Shosuro Isasuke spun quickly as he gestured around the room. The other students gazed wide eyed at the displays filling the rather large room. Court fashions of the day mixed with heimin dress. Clan mons, family mons, vassal family garb was literally in every available inch of the place. “More often than not, your knowledge of everything around you now will serve you better than any martial training.”

Shosuro Yusuko was in complete amazement. Two days prior she had been living comfortably. Stalking the house cat was the closest she had ever been to being sneaky, and that one particular misadventure in her ‘mother’s’ closet with her friend Soshimi was the closest she had been to masquerading as someone else.

“The mandate to the Scorpion was to insure the survival of the new empire, and how are we to do that now?" He paused, "We must know the others. Lips purse shut when a Scorpion is near, scrolls rolled, meetings adjourned.” Isasuke strolled among the students, “If we are to watch, to find the hidden threats, we must watch undetected. It is the duty of the Shosuro to watch and gather information for our clan, and if necessary… to act.” “You are all familiar with the mons of the great clans, but who here knows the minor mons, the family mons, what to wear and be unnoticed to a slightly less than reputable sake house in Toshi Ranbo? Pay heed and you will learn…”

Yusuko slid the shoji aside and entered the room. A pale shaft of moonlight sliced through the room, illuminating a small shrine to Bishamon. She moved silently to the bed in which her target slept. Slowly she drew a glass tube and unstoppered its mouth. Pulling a lone black lotus petal, she dropped it in the pitcher of water at the bedside and smiled to herself. Her gaze shifted to Lord Moon and she silently gave her thanks.

When Yusuko slipped from the window Churai adjusted the sheets and finally allowed himself a smile, another was ready to leave.

Shosuro Yusuko [Former PC]

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