Shinjo Sabah



Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 6, Insight 257, Experience Points:0

Kharma: 0


Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4 Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 4 Intelligence 3 Air 5 Reflexes 5 Awareness 5
Void 4

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Daikyu: Blessed Bow of Death 10k5 7k2 range: 500’
Scimitar of Blood 10k5 10k3 Radiant, 9 and 10 explode on damage

Armor TN Bonus:

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 45

Reduction: 4

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF): 11k5

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 20
Nicked +3 28
Grazed +5 36
Hurt +10 44
Injured +15 52
Crippled +20 60
Down +40 68 Must spend Void to act
Out 76 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Medicine Int. 4 7k3 Master/Emphases No
Investigation Per. 4 8k4 Master/Emphases No
Courtier Awa. 2 7k5 No
Etiquette Awa. 2 7k5 No
Sincerity Awa. 2 7k5 No
Storytelling Awa. 2 7k5 No
Lore: Exotic Animals Int. 2 5k3 No
Bugei Skills
Athletics Str. 2 6k4 (climbing) Yes
Defense Ref. 4 9k5 Master/Emphases Yes
Horsemanship Agi. 5 9k4 May full attack, horse gains +1k0 to attack rolls,mount/simple action, dismount/free, free raise on animal handling with horses Yes
Kenjutsu Agi. 7 11k4 Scimitar Yes
Kyujutsu Ref. 4 9k5 (daikyu) Yes
Hunting Per. 4 8k4 (Tracking) No
Merchant Skills
Animal Handling Awa. 8 11k6 (War Dog) No
Low Skills
Stealth Agi. 5 9k4 simple move= waterx10 ft./(sneaking) Yes
Glory 7.3 Honor 5.0 Status 5.3 Infamy 0.5 Shadowlands Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

School Techniques (Shinjo Bushi/Shinjo Scout/Unicorn War Dog Master)

Rank 1 The Way of the Ki-Rin The Shinjo family’s natural affinity for horsemanship is immediately obvious and pervades their every action. When spending a Void Point to add +1k1 to any School Skill Roll, you may also add your rank in Horsemanship to the total. This bonus cannot be used while in the Center Stance.
Rank 2 The Swift Soul You may use the Stealth skill while on horseback. You are considered to have the Way of the Land advantage no matter where you are. Finally, you gain +1k0 to all attack rolls while mounted.
Rank 3 The Four Winds Strike The swift and relentless assault of a Shinjo is a dreadful sight to behold for his enemies. You may make attacks as a Simple Action rather than a Complex Action when wielding weapons that possess the Samurai keyword. If you are fighting while mounted, you may also attack as a Simple Action when wielding a bow.
Rank 4 Ferocity of the Ki-Rin The War-Dog Masters learn how to train an entire pack of war-dogs and how to control and direct the pack in combat. As a Complex Action, you can roll Animal Handling (War Dogs) / Willpower at TN 20 to give your entire pack of War-Dogs a simple command (such as “Attack” or “Track” or “Hold Position”). You can Raise on this roll to convey more sophisticated commands, subject to the GM’s judgment and limitations. Also, when your War-Dogs carry out attacks which you have ordered them to make, they gain a +1k0 bonus to their attack and damage rolls.
Rank 5 Dancing with the Fortunes A Shinjo atop a horse is a sight that gives even the most seasoned among his enemies pause, and for good reason. During a skirmish, when mounted, when you wish to spend a Void Point you may make a Void Ring Roll (TN 20) as a Free Action. If the Ring Roll is successful, you gain the mechanical benefit of having spent the Void Point without actually spending it. (This does not actually create a bonus Void Point, it simply generates the mechanical effects of spending one.) If the roll fails, you spend the Void Point as normal. You may only use this Technique a number of times per skirmish equal to the number of Void Points you had at the start of the skirmish. You may utilize this Technique when on foot as well, but the TN of the Void Ring Roll increases to 30.


Absolute Direction You possess an almost supernatural sense of direction, and you always know what direction is north, no matter the circumstances. This ability does not function if you are more than one day’s travel inside the Shadowlands. +0 pts
Allies: Shinjo Gushaigan (Master of Unicorn War-Dog school and main breeder of war-dogs) Influence 4/ Devotion 2 +4 pts
Hero of the People: Traveling Medicine Man Although your reputation among your fellow samurai may not be any better than that of the next individual, your actions have garnered the adoration of the common folk. When meeting citizens of Rokugan who are not members of the samurai caste, the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Glory rank, is lowered by 10. +2 pts
Social Position: (Master Scout of Daikoku’s Wind Caravan/Chui) Status rank 5.0 +0 pts
Way of the Land: Everywhere You are intimately familiar with a particular region, having traveled it extensively to the point where you know it as well as the interior of your own house. Select the lands of one family, a major city, or some other reasonably sized region. While you are within that region, it is not possible for you to get lost and you know the location of any available resources to be found there. +0 pts
Wealthy x2 +4 koku +1 pts
Inheritance: Trained Falcon You are in possession of a trained hunting falcon, the most recent of a long line of carefully bred hunting animals maintained by your family’s falconry experts. This falcon is an
exceptional specimen, and increases the number of Wounds it can sustain at each level by 5. It also rolls one additional die when making an attack.
+2 pts
Child of Chikushudo Eyes of the Owl: You may see as well in the darkness of night as in the light of the sun. / Unstable Form: You cannot fully control your shapeshifting abilities. Each time you use a Shapeshifting Ability, you must make a Void roll at TN 20. If you fail, you cannot use your Shapeshifting Ability and cannot use Void Points until the next sunrise. +7 pts
Compulsion: Wanderlust There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual that is so ingrained in your behavior that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances. This may be something that is illicit and addictive, such as sake or gambling, or it may be as innocuous as visiting every major temple you pass. The Willpower TN to overcome the compulsion is TN 30. – 5 pts
Gajin Name Either due to your lineage or parents’ fascination with another culture, you possess a name that is clearly not of Rokugani origin. Although there is no Honor loss for such a thing, others regard you questionably as a result. Your individual dice may only explode once on a social skill roll. – 4 pts

Strength of the Unicorn
Ring/Mastery: Water 3
Schools: Any Unicorn Bushi
Effect: While you are mounted, your steed gains a bonus of +3 to its Armor TN and an additional 3 Reduction.

Eye of the Eagle
Ring/Mastery: Air 5
Type: Internal
Effect: The power of the wind can carry messages and information well beyond the boundaries of human weakness. Some natural creatures with an affinity for Air already possess remarkable abilities that go unnoticed and unappreciated, and certain monks can mimic these abilities. While this Kiho is active, you may as a Complex Action focus your chi by remaining utterly still and unmoving. Once this is done, so long as you maintain concentration and do not move from your current position, you can see a number of miles equal to your School Rank. The level of detail is sufficient to notice things like the physical characteristics of individuals, but not so acute as to allow for extremely fine detail, such as reading.

Sturdy clothing, daisho, daikyu with 40 arrows, Tanto, Unicorn riding armor, traveling pack, 12 koku

Bone Training Whistle (Neumeranai): Use a complex action and spend a void point to give animals under my command one of two benefits: Add my ranks in Animal Handling to all their rolls for the remainder of the skirmish, or +1 Swift for 8 hours

Uma: Shinjo Warhorse (Neumeranai): Unicorn Riding horse that is an outstanding specimen for its kind through careful breeding and handling. Mechanically equivalent to Utaku Warhorse. 6 – Your horse is young. It is a newly broken gelding and has not yet learned all that is expected of it. It will occasionally need a horsemanship roll to when it needs to be taught how to do a new action. It gains the Strength of Earth advantage.

Gajin Medicine Kit (Neumeranai): Kit has unlimited uses, heals +1k1 extra damage, and has the potential to heal magical diseases.

Blessed Bow of Death (neumeranai): Arrows fired from Daikyu count as crystal. Bow has increased DR by 1. Once per skirmish, spend a void point to remind a spirit of its place by firing a arrow at it and cause it to suffer the effects of the spell Your Heart’s Enemy with a fear rating equal to you insight rank for the first round then it may roll to resist the fear effect afterwards.

Family heirloom (saddle): This plain family heirloom has been well maintained and passed down the family line to first son of every generation once they were accepted into the Shinjo Scouts as a sign of the family’s faith in him and his future contributions to the clan.

Roc egg

Story Notes

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Familial Background:
Father: Shinjo Toriyaka
He is the older Brother to Shinjo Nashomu and a retired Shinjo Scout who spent the majority of his career leading the Daikoku’s Golden Wind caravan through the desert. It was on one of these trips that he met his future wife, Priya, in the city of Medinaat al-Salaam. During his stay, she swore allegiance to the Unicorn clan and they were then married. She came back with him to Rokugan.

Mother: (Shinjo) Priya
She was a medicine woman that originally was born and lived in the city of Medinaat al-Salaam in the Burning Sands. She was an only child and had to take over her parent’s medicine shop when she was 16 years old because her parents had been killed by raiders when they were trading for supplies on the outskirts of the city. She treated the common folk who couldn’t afford to be treated by the local shamans. She even treated some of the Unicorn clan samurai who couldn’t be healed by their shugenja because they were too far from their empire of Rokugan. That’s when she met and married a samurai by the name of Shinjo Toriyaka and returned with him to Rokugan where she gave birth to her only son, Shinjo Sabah.

Uncle: Shinjo Nashomu
He is the younger brother to Shinjo Toriyaka. He worked hard during his career to finally become the Master of the Unicorn War-Dog Master Academy and chief breeder of the famous War-dogs. He has proven the validity of his school in skirmishes and even against some of the infamous Matsu Beastmasters. His nephew, Shinjo Sabah, has been constantly observing his students and teachings at the dojo every spare minute that he had away from his scout training. Once Sabah had established his career as a top scout and hero of the people in Rokugan, he came to Nashomu to formally ask that his uncle train him in the art of mastering his own pack of War-Dogs. Nashomu naturally accepted his request and became a strong ally for Shinjo Sabah ever since.

Wife: Shinjo Riako
Shinjo Sabah’s wife is a well loved and welcome sight in her village for she is the one who manages the stables for the bushi in the area. She treats all of her horses with the utmost care and consideration. Her gentle spirit has no desire for war and the possible bloodshed of the magnificent creatures that she tends to. She is the first person to greet visitors as she escorts their horses to the stables. Most of the visitors that leave find their horses in pristine condition and almost unwilling to leave the village and their temporary caretaker.

Children: 3 Sons (Kuthrapalli, Rajesh (deceased), Saleem), 2 Daughters (Avita, Lina)
All five of Shinjo Sabah’s children were born in short order, and they all followed in their father’s footsteps and became bushi enlisted in the Shinjo Scouts. They are still early in their careers and this coming trip through the Burning Sands with the Daikoku’s Golden Wind caravan will be the first time they will have ventured outside the empire after recently achieving their rank as Gunso under their father’s command. They follow his orders precisely because they know that any misstep in the grueling desert could be fatal.


“The man known as Shinjo Sabah has become a force to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies and inspire hope in his people. His enemies don’t know he’s there until he and his vicious war-dogs are already on top of them. He is a welcome sight to all of the common people of the land for he brings healing and protection to them when other samurai would look down upon them. The arrogant courtiers mock him for his clear gaijin heritage with his dark skin and full beard, they do not know that others who have done the same wound up as dog meat on the battle field…”

Shinjo Sabah is 42 years old and the only son of an accomplished Shinjo Scout and a gaijin woman from Medinaat al-Salaam. He was average in most ways as any other Unicorn samurai except for his abilities handling animals. It didn’t matter what kind of animal it was, he just knew how to train it. Upon his gempuku, he was given a Unicorn riding horse that had only been born a couple of months ago for him to personally raise and breed to form a strong bond with all of his future mounts. His most recent horse is a descendent of that line that is extremely large for its kind and rivals that of the the famous Utaku Warhorses.

He started out his career in his father’s footsteps by joining the Shinjo Scouts and volunteering to accompany the Daikoku’s Golden Wind Caravan across the Burning Sands with his father. This delighted Sabah because he was fascinated by the exotic animals that were for trade in the shops in those foreign lands. One year after returning from the Burning Sands, he sought out his uncle, Shinjo Nahomu, who was the Master of the Unicorn War-Dog Master dojo. He asked his uncle if he could train in the dojo to build his own pack of war-dogs saying they would be an excellent resource on scouting missions. Nashomu naturally agreed and continued to be one of Sabah’s strongest allies even after he left the dojo. Nashomu even arranged for a trained falcon from the Toritaka family to be given to Sabah as a gift after his most recent return from the Burning Sands along with his own bone training whistle that he used to train the war-dogs in his dojo.

Now Shinjo Sabah is departing for excursion through the Burning Sands with the Daikoku’s Golden Wind caravan. With both him and his animal companions armed to the teeth, they are ready for whatever those gaijin lands have in store for them…

Shinjo Sabah

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