Former Kuni, Isawa (Earth) Shugenja, self declared Ronin.


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 5, Insight 234, Experience Points: 1


Earth 5 Stamina 5 Willpower 5 Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4 Air 2 Reflexes 2 Awareness 2
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Fist 4k2 2k1 notation
Tetsubo (Spell) 6k2 2k2 Raises for Additional Effects

Armor TN Bonus: +0

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 20

Initiative (Insight Rank = REF/ keep REF): 7k2

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 25
Nicked +3 35
Grazed +5 45
Hurt +10 55
Injured +15 65
Crippled +20 75
Down +40 85 Must spend Void to act
Out 95 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Calligraphy 4 1 5k4 Yes
Courtier 2 1 3k2 ?
Etiquette 3 2 5k2 ?
Investigation 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: Bushido 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: Elements 4 5 9k4 Earth
Lore: Heraldry 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: History 4 2 6k4 ?
Lore: Nature 4 2 6k4 ?
Lore: Spirit Realms 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: Theology 4 2 6k4 Yes
Medicine: 4 3 7k4 ?
Mediation 3 2 5k3 ?
Sincerity 2 1 3k2 ?
Spellcraft 4 5 9k5 Yes
Bugei Skills
Athletics 4 2 6k4 ?
Battle 4 1 6k4 ?
Defense 2 2 4k2 Yes
Hunting 4 2 6k4
Jujitsu 4 2 6k4 Yes
Kenjutsu 4 2 6k4 Yes
Low Skills
Craft: Poison 2 1 3k2 ?
Lore: Maho 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: Shadowlands 4 4 8k4 Yes
Stealth 4 2 6k4 ?
Merchant Skills
Animal Handling 2 1 3k2 ?
Glory 2.9 Honor 4.3 Status 1.0 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 0.0

School Techniques (Kuni Shugenja Rank 1, Isawa (Earth Shugenja) Rank 1)

Rank 1 Kuni Shugenja School Earth Affinity, Air Deficiency +1k0 spellcasting vs. nonhuman, +1k1 damage on spells vs nonhuman, free raise on “Jade” spells
Rank 2 Isawa Shugenja School (Earth) Affinity Earth, no Deficiency, Free Raise on Earth Spells
Rank 3 The Purity of Jade
Rank 1: The Purity of Jade

Your shugenja School Rank advances by 1. You gain an additional number of rolled dice to resist the Shadowlands Taint, Shadow taint, and any other Spirit Realm “corruption” equal to your ranks in this school.

The purity of Jade protects you. You gain a bonus to your Contested Rolls vs Nonhuman Shadowlands or Lost creatures equal to their Taint rank in rolled dice. You gain a Deficiency in an element of your choosing (not Earth).

Rank 2: Obsidian’s Guarding Force
Your shugenja School Rank advances by 1 for the purposes of casting Earth spells.
You gain an additional affinity for Earth spells an additional Deficiency in an element of your choosing (not Earth).

Rank 3: The Protection of Crystal

Your shugenja School Rank advances by 1.
Once per session you may spend a Void Point to cast an Earth spell of your choosing as a Free Action. This cannot be a spell that causes damage.



Absolute Direction Always Know North +1 pts
Blood of Osano-Wo Immune to Weather, -1k1 Dam on Natural Forces Spells +3 pts
Chosen By The Oracle (Earth) +1k1 Earth Ring Rolls +6 pts
Elemental Blessing -1 XP Each Time Raise Will or Sta +3 pts
Friend of the Elements (Earth) Free Raise on Will or Sta Rolls +3 pts
Great Destiny Once Per Sessions – Back Alive with 1 Health +5 pts
Kuni Once Per Session +Earth in kept dice for a Spell, Re-Roll Taint Rolls keeping Highest +8 pts
Multiple Schools Go to a different Clans School +10 pts
Precise Memory +1k1 to applicable Int Rolls +3 pts
Ascetic Half Glory Gains -2 pts
Black Sheep (Isawa) Can’t Advance With Them -3 pts
Compulson (Sleep Outside) Mechanics go here -4 pts
Dark Secret Secret Found Out = Death -4 pts
Driven (Kuni) Must Destroy Corrupt Kuni -3 pts
Obligation (Toturi – 6) Can’t Refuse Toturi -6 pts
Small Water 1 lower to move, -1k0 on Melee Damage Rolls -3 pts
Sworn Enemy (Kuni Family) Entire Kuni Family Hates me -8 pts
Touched By the Void +2k1 When spending void, but must roll Will against 30 -3 pts
Wrath of the Kami (Air) Air Spells against me receive +1 Free Raise -4 pts


Name Element Mechanics go here

My name is O-Yama, or Great Mountain. It’s a name I treat with reverence as it’s the last piece of my mother that survives. But, I jump ahead. Many who come across this story may wonder why a ronin shugenja would take the time to chronicle his actions. The answer is simple. My Honored Ancestor commands me to make a journal so that if I were to perish, the fight to redeem our family would not be lost.

Let me start at the beginning, although one has to ask what really establishes the beginning of a life that’s already written into destiny.

My Mother was a peaceful woman. Originally an Isawa, she had a heart full of compassion and honesty. When I was still a child, before the Kuni took me into tutelage, she would take me on walks through the forest. During these walks we would harvest natural herbs and plants that could be used by the Kuni to ward off evil, treat infections, and lend fortitude. It is of these walks that I dream. This is when my mother would call me O-Yama. “My great mountain,” is how she would start so many of those conversations. She would talk about how the elements pervaded everything, and how when I was older I would be called to draw upon the power of the Earth. At the time I never understood why she would call me O-Yama, with my being a child of such small stature. But I understand now that it is only because I was so small that I was allowed to stay with my mother as long as I did. Fortune favors man. Fortune favored me in giving me those moments.

At the age of nine, my father insisted I begin my training. Being a witch hunter himself, he did not have time for, “that weakling.” I began my training under Kuni Waseni. A revered but battled scarred shugenja. I always distrusted that man. It was on the eve of my gempuku that I found out why. My sensei was not a man, but instead a Lost. I remember waking up, staked to the ground, in the middle of a burnt field. As I screamed to be let loose, my sensei appeared above me. The hollow yellow glow from his eyes told me everything. I was to be sacrificed. Because I was helpless he would bleed me, and in doing so be able to transfer the malignant taint from himself to me. Certain of my impending death I began praying. I prayed to the fortune of health, to the fortune of strength, I prayed to the sun and then the moon, but it wasn’t until I prayed to my revered ancestor that I got a response. With a blinding flash of green light my sensei was knocked backwards. Using this to my advantage I ran. I ran to the other place I had ever felt safe. I ran to my childhood home, and to my mother. I will never forget what I saw when I burst into my home. My father was no longer my father. I looked on with terror as I saw a grotesque shape that resembled my father literally eating my mother’s body. Blood everywhere it looked up to me with glee in its eyes. It knew what I was thinking, “where would I go now?” Again, I ran. I spent many days travelling to Isawa lands.

I was shocked that the Isawa accepted me. At the time the masters of the earth school made it clear that I was to owe them for their boon. Knowing enough to not divulge my past I kept as much to myself as possible, only sharing what was absolutely necessary. It had seemed that as a result of my travelling my connection to the Earth had grown. I could sense the Kami all around me now. After gempuku I travelled with my Isawa Master to a place inside Isawa Mori. It was here that we tracked a shadowslands denizen that had found its way into the forest. As we faced down the creature I witnessed my master bind the creature. Immobile and helpless it stood staring us down. After a few moments I noticed something was wrong. My master’s magic was wavering. The creature started chanting, coming ever closer to breaking free. It was then that I saw something I had never fathomed up to that point. My master pulled out a tanto and sliced open his arm. I felt the earth spirits cry out as the kanzen rushed to my master. The creature’s face went from that vile smirk to recognition that it had no hope. Screaming out, it ceased to be, obliterated into so many pieces.
Resting afterwards my master told me of sacrifice. He spoke of how sometimes even a righteous samurai must offer a part of his soul to serve a greater purpose. I knew then that I could no more call the Isawa my family then the Kuni. I left that night. I left a note with my master that made it clear that I was declaring myself ronin. If he tried to follow me, then I would do everything I could make sure everyone knew that he had used Maho.
Spending many days travelling by myself, lost through the woods, I came upon a revelation. The shadowlands must die. The foulness that comes from Jigoku must not be allowed to be manipulated, or exist. In that instant I was given an image of my childhood home. I would confront the Oni masquerading as my father. It would pay, or I would die.
I do not know how but upon arriving, the monster that was conceived as my father knew to be waiting for me. Unafraid of his tainted presence I entered the home ready to fight. As the oni moved towards me to strike at my neck, I shifted my weight to the left and avoided its blow. With the speed of forethought I quickly readied the jade piece I had fashion into a long narrow spike. Twist around I brought the pure radiant jade down into the back of the creature’s spine. As quickly as the skirmish began it was ended. As the thin black blood of the pekkle no oni seeped across the floor I felt pain. Although I thought I had avoided its blow, I truly did not. The warm trickle of blood oozed out of my right side and down my leg mixing with the foul substance already there. I felt my leg give out and went crashing to the ground. As I laid there in a pool of blood I thought of my mother. At least the abomination that had killed her was no dead.
As the pain overcame me, I felt consciousness slip from my mortal body. When I awoke I could tell I was no longer on Ningen-Do. As I stood I noticed the figure of man sitting in the lotus stance, staring down at a text he was reading. As the figure looked up it smiled slightly. The smile of a man that seen much, and to whom surprise was not possible. I took a sit in front of him in response to his invitation.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I am your ancestor.” He answered.
“No, I am your true ancestor. I am Kuni.”
“My Honored Ancestor, I am blessed indeed to join you in Yomi.”
“Pupil, you are not here to join me. You are here to be offered guidance, with stipulations.”
“What are your conditions my ancestor?”
“They are twofold. First, you must stop running and embrace your destiny. Second, you are to swear to follow my guidance in cleansing our family. The corruption that replaced your father is only one instance of the perversion that threatens the continued existence and purity of the Kuni.”
“What is my destiny?”
“Your destiny is yours to discover. I would never tell you that, even if it was in my power to do so.”
“Then onward to your second condition. What am I to do to cleanse the family?”
“Simple. You are to spend all your days seeking and destroying any who carry the Kuni name and are tainted. I expect no mercy.”
“About your guidance my honored ancestor. What am I to learn?”
“My spirit will join you in Ningen-do where I will begin to teach you magic that has been lost for quite time. The techniques are the magic that I mastered during my life. There are three techniques based on understanding the true nature behind the sacred substances. Jade, Obsidian, and Crystal exist as special incarnations of Earth. As you become more powerful, with my help, you will be able to harness their unique properties.”
“Thank you my master, I agree to your conditions.”
As I awoke in my body I knew that I must do. I had to train, and survive. It was two years ago that Kuni came to me. Now I have joined Toturi’s army according to my ancestor’s wishes. I’m ready now to begin fighting the shadowlands in earnest. I can tell Toturi respects what I know of the shadowlands. I will do what is necessary to continue to serve my ancestor, fulfill my obligation to Toturi, and protect Rokugan from the dark corrupting forces of Jigoku.

Morning Prayer Ritual

Each morning as the warm presence of Lady Sun kisses the soil O-Yama awakens renewed. The earth is resolute and always ready to be harnessed as a foundation for change.
As O-Yama awakens he begins pulling out items from his traveling pack. Three stones, an old iron bowl, a small decanter of water, and a tiny amount of jade power. Before he begins his prayers to Kuni and the Kami he places the items where they belong. Taking a piece of available wood, he places the three stones in a triangle around the wood in order to support the bowl.
First O-Yama starts praying to the Water Kami as he begins to pour a small amount of Water into the bowl. Next, he starts to summon the Fire that has become awakened. Offering the fire kami the sacrifice of wood in addition to his skillful summoning, they begin to burn hot and steady. As the small amount of water begins to be boiled away O-Yama bows reverently to his make shift shrine. Offering a simple incantation to the Air Kami he blows on the fire. As the Air Kami assist in the sacrifice of the Wood the fire begins to grow hotter. The bowl now glows red hot. As the martyrdom of the wood comes close to completion O-Yama pinches a small amount of the jade powder into the bowl. With all four elements beginning to hum their divine presence to the gifted shugenja, he begins his direct prayer to Kuni.
“Blessed Ancestor, I beseech you to hear my prayer. I thank you for your continued guidance, and favor. I willingly offer you my blood as proof of my purity. Although I have fought many tainted creatures I have remained your loyal servant.”
At the conclusion of the prayer O-Yama cuts his hand in a barely perceivable fashion. As a single drop of blood flows into the bowl, the jade vaporizes into a brief poof of green smoke.
Having finished his morning prayer O-Yama drops into the lotus stance and meditates. He listens for his ancestor’s voice. It doesn’t always come, but when it does it brings knowledge. The secrets of Earth, how to kill a particular Oni, the true history of the Kuni Family.


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