Kuni Akira

Kuni Akira's Character Sheet




Rank 5 Insight 228 XP 0 Kharma 1
Air 2 Reflexes 3 Awareness 2
Earth 5 Stamina 5 Willpower 5
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Void 3
Armor TN Bonus +0
TN To Be Hit 25
TN in Defense 35
Reduction 0
Initiative 8k3
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Wakizashi 5k4 6k2 Throw Up to 20’
Tetsubo 9k4 6k2 Summoned, Free Raise to DMG
Free Raise to Knockdown

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 25 Earth x 5
Nicked +0 35
Grazed +2 45
Hurt +7 55
Injured +12 65
Crippled +17 75
Down +37 85 Must Spend Void to Act.
Out 95 Cannot Act.
High Skills
Calligraphy INT 1 5k4 Cipher Yes
Courtier AWA 3 5k2 +3 Insight No
Etiquette AWA 3 5k2 +3 Insight; Courtesy No
Investigation PER 5 8k3 Interrogate, Notice, Search No
+5 Contested
Search Again Without Penalty
Lore: Elements INT 5 9k4 Earth; Free Raise for Earth No
Lore: Law INT 3 7k4 Otosan Uchi No
Lore: Maho INT 3 7k4 Rituals No
Lore: Shadowlands INT 5 9k4 Oni; Free Raise for Oni Yes
Lore: Theology INT 2 6k4 Yes
Medicine INT 2 6k4 No
Meditation VOID 3 6k3 Regain 2 Void Points No
Spellcraft INT 5 9k4 Importune; Research Yes
+1k0 on Spell Casting
Bugei Skills
Defense REF 5 8k3 Keep Previous Roll Yes
+3 TN in Full/Defense
Heavy Weapons AGI 1 5k4 Yes
Kenjutsu AGI 1 5k4 No
Merchant Skills
Craft: Cooking INT 5 9k4 Sushi; Can Call 4 Raises No
10k8 With Mental Quickness
Honor 2.4 Glory 5.5 Status 5.0
Infamy 0.0 Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

Kuni Shugenja / Oni Slayer
Rank 1 Gaze Into Shadow The Kuni have carefully studied many of the most sinister opponents imaginable, and have learned how to combat them. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Spell Casting Rolls when the target is any non-human creature, and any spell that inflicts damage inflicts an additional +1k1 damage when used against a target which possesses the Shadowlands Taint. You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Jade keyword.
Rank 2 - Learn 3 additional spells.
Rank 3 Bound By The World The Kuni study the poorly understood art of binding, of using ritual circles and symbols to trap demons so they can be destroyed forever. You may expend an Earth spell slot and make a Spell Casting Roll (without TN, see below) in order to ritually prepare a binding circle, a process which takes one hour. This circle may encompass a maximum area equal to your School Rank x 5 (20) in square feet, although you may combine efforts with other Kuni to encompass larger areas by adding your School Ranks together (only one of you may make the Spell Casting Roll). Once an oni enters the circle, it becomes active. The oni may not leave the circle without first succeeding at a Willpower Trait Roll against a TN equal to the total of your Spell Casting Roll. While the circle is active, you gain one less Earth spell slot per day.
Rank 4 - Learn 3 additional spells.
Rank 5 - Learn 3 additional spells.
Fame Making Sushi -
Forbidden Knowledge (Maho) Gain Lore: Maho 1 +5 Pts
Sage Pretend Unskilled Lore is Lore 1 +3 Pts
Servant (Eta Attendant) Anatomy 3 +3 Pts
Strength of the Earth -3 To All Wound Penalties +3 Pts
Social Position Emerald Magistrate -
Wealthy +2 Koku +1 Pts
Ascetic Limited Starting Equipment, -50% Glory -2 Pts
Dark Secret It would be real bad if people knew it. -4 Pts
Disturbing Countenance +5 TN for all Social Skill rolls -3 Pts
Driven Find the Mother of Winter -
Level TN Roll Name
1 10 10k6 Courage of the Seven Thunders
1 10 10k6 Jade Strike
1 10 10k6 Jurojin’s Balm
1 10 10k6 Stone’s Resolve
1 10 10k6 Tetsubo of Earth
2 15 10k6 Earth Becomes Sky
2 15 10k6 Embrace of Kenro-Ji-Jin
3 20 10k6 Strength of the Crow
4 25 10k6 Sapphire Strike
4 25 10k6 Tomb of Jade
5 30 10k6 The Kami’s Strength
6 35 10k6 Rise, Earth
Level TN Roll Name
1 10 10k4 Envious Flames
1 10 10k4 Extinguish
1 10 10k4 The Raging Forge
2 15 10k4 Hurried Steps
2 15 10k4 Mental Quickness
4 25 10k4 Wall of Fire
Level TN Roll Name
1 10 9k3 Path to Inner Peace
1 10 9k3 Purification of the Kami
1 10 9k3 Sympathetic Energies
2 15 9k3 The Ties That Bind
2 15 9k3 Wisdom and Clarity
3 20 9k3 Regrow the Wound
3 20 9k3 Silent Waters

His Duty to his Clan, and by extension, the Empire, is foremost on his mind. Whereas many of his Hida, Hiruma, and Kaiu clanmates see this task only as it pertains to the South and that which lies beyond the Kaiu Wall, Akira knows full well that the influence of the Shadowlands extends across the Emerald Empire.

As a pupil of Kuni Yori, Akira was given unparalleled training in understanding oni and the Shadowlands. At his sensei’s urging, he spent more time south of the wall than is typical of even the Kuni. Kuni Yori was adamant that Akira show no fear when in such an unholy place and confronted with nameless horrors. He was taught that his face should be as stone and that his Clanmates depended on him to be their spiritual rock. The Kuni are supposed to know more than any other about the Shadowlands, so if the Kuni are afraid of oni, what hope do the rest have of victory? This notion is so ingrained in Akira’s psyche that he often finds it difficult to appear empathetic, even when he truly is. [Disturbing Countenance]

Akira is the son of Kuni Iawo. Iawo never truly developed the Kuni gift for communing with the kami and instead was sent to the Kaiu School on account of his great intelligence. He excelled in his studies and used much of his knowledge to improve the family’s holding in its ore and jade mines, though his primary duties were to maintain and improve the Kaiu Wall.

He is also the son of Isawa Narumi. She is a gifted shugenja of the Phoenix Clan who accepted her marriage into the Crab Clan with grace and poise. From her, Akira learned much about the peoples and lands north of the wall and gained his first insights into the importance of the rest of the Empire to the Crab Clan. Her attitude and actions taught Akira much about the importance of Duty in a new light.

GM NOTE on KUNI AKIRA: Kuni Akira is assigned to the Chisei District under Doji Kurotema. Kurotema requested to have a shugenja of the Asahina serve under him to advise in spiritual matters, but the Crab members of the Sentaku Tribunal and the Crab Governor of the Karada maneuvered to push Akira on him instead. This is in part because of Kurotema’s likely hand in the fall of Kaiu Metsumoto, the fallen Juramashi District Governor. The Crab want Akira to find Kurotema’s weaknesses.

Being an astute young man, Akira learned much by observing court and the interactions between his Clansmen and those from the northern lands. Akira sees nothing wrong with the Crab worldview, but he understands that they see but one aspect of the world and that the empire at large is far more complicated than many of his brethren want to admit. [Courtier, Etiquette]

Akira always made it a priority to never forget that his job was not merely to wage war against the Shadowlands, but was first and foremost to be a focal point for spiritual guidance for the Crab. In short order, he found that his people needed help with far more than just their mental state or the spiritual realm, and as a result, Akira had to at least appear the expert on myriad issues. [Investigation, Lore Skills, Medicine, Precise Memory, Sage]

Akira appreciates his Clan’s fondness for the tetsubo and other massive weapons, though he was always drawn to the elegance of the katana. Not only that, but he understands that the cultural significance the realm places upon the katana gives it a strength above and beyond what the greatest weaponsmith could achieve. [Defense, Heavy Weapons, Kenjutsu]

The demands of Kuni shugenja are tough on the mind, even with the aid of the earth kami. Kuni Yori urged Akira to find a task in which he could pour himself that in no way related to the Crab’s perpetual war. After a bit of trial and error, Akira found comfort in cooking sushi. He grew to love the many ways one could combine just a handful of ingredients using a different sauce or cut of fish. He found that his mind was able to hyper-focus on this task and leave behind the nightmarish creatures that were often his focus. [Craft: Cooking]

Kuni Kiyoshi (Witch Hunter). Kiyoshi is a Witch-Hunter whom Akira knew as a child. As the two began their respective schools, their studies strained their relationship until it lapsed entirely. The two reconnected a few months ago when Akira returned from his haunting trip south with Hida Yakamo. Though near a decade had passed, the two were fast friends again. Kiyoshi taught Akira much about Maho before departing Crab Lands on assignment.

Yasuki Yutaka (Courtier). Born the bastard son of a samurai and a geisha, Yutaka always aspired to live “the good life” of a samurai. As he entered adulthood, he sought his chance participating in a Twenty Goblin Winter. Akira was volunteered to be an escort by his sensei Kuni Yori, and happened to be paired with Yutaka. Over the course of their several weeks together, the two became good friends. Yutaka learned a great deal about the Shadowlands and the Crab Clan, and Akira gained some insight into the less studious, more fun-loving aspects of life.

Given their experiences together and the knowledge Akira gained about Yutaka, Akira advocated for Yutaka’s acceptance into the Crab Clan and specifically entreated the Yasuki family to accept him, wagering that Yutaka’s interpersonal skills would make him a valuable addition to the Crab’s courtier family.

Yumi (Eta Attendant). A girl of 16, her father was the eta who accompanied Kuni Akira and Hida Yakamo on their ill-fated excursion. Her father saved Akira’s life and paid dearly for it. In recompense, Akira appointed his eldest child to be his personal attendant upon hearing he would be reassigned as Emerald Magistrate in the Inner City. In addition, he began calling the girl Yumi (beauty). In truth, the girl is rather plain-looking, but Akira feels a great debt is owed to this man’s family and is doing that which is in his power to offer respect to this man.

Kuni Saturo (Apprentice, Deceased). Saturo was Akira’s first, and thus far only, apprentice. Saturo had been studying under Akira for a year or so when the pair visited a northern section of the Kaiu Wall. Akira knew Saturo wasn’t ready to go to the other side of it just yet, but needed the boy to be aware of the daily struggle the Crab face and of the importance the Kuni play in the war effort. During their visit, the wall was set upon by a mass of goblins, a pair of ogres, and a larger oni the likes of which Akira had never seen.

Akira ordered Saturo to stay put with a pair of soldiers atop the wall as Akira rushed with some Hida to meet the foe head-on. The Crab were successful in slaying the beast and its lesser soldiers, taking only one casualty in the process. When Akira returned to their post on the wall, he found the body of Saturo along with the corpses of four goblins. One soldier had a knife sticking out of his left bicep and had lost three fingers of his right hand. The other was unconscious from a stab wound to his side. The still-conscious soldier relayed what had happened.

There were originally seven goblins who had all successfully climbed the wall. The soldiers regretted their lapse in attention as they were distracted by the massive battle with Akira, the bushi, and the oni, happening just a dozen or so yards away. Saturo had been the one to realize the goblins had made the ascent. The boy used his bo and knocked two goblins off the edge of the wall as soon as their heads appeared. A third bit off the soldier’s fingers and stabbed for his face with his knife – which the man luckily blocked with his arm. This goblin fell off the wall as well. From then on, the soldier wasn’t sure what happened, but he knew Crab shugenja well enough to describe a jade strike being cast. Akira’s assessment of the goblin corpses confirmed that two of them, possibly in the same casting, had been struck down.

Akira was overwhelmed with pride that, in his final moments, Saturo acted courageously and had been calm enough to entreat with the kami to aid him, despite not even accomplishing his gempukku yet. Akira chose to redesign is face paint after this event, and now wears paint reminiscent of a Crab Wish Doll. Akira feels it further reflects his charge as a protector of his people, both the Crab and the Empire.

Kuni Akira

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