Isawa Keikenna (Xengbo) [Deceased]

Stranger in strange times


Earth 2
Water 2
Fire 4
Air 2
Void 2

Skills: Calligraphy 3 (cipher), Lore: Theology 2, Lore: History 2, Medicine 2, Meditation 2, Etiquette 3, Spellcraft 2, Sailing 1, Kenjutsu 3 (modified 4), Iajutsu 4 (modified 5), Courtier 1, Knives 2, Lore: Shadowlands 3
Languages 2, Precise Memory, Friend of the Elements (Fire), Luck, Sage
Dark Secret
Gaigin Name (formerly)
Haunted (Father)


Isawa Keikenna (formerly Xengbo) was born along the very Western Edge of the empire to a wandering merchant from the Caliphate of Medinaat Al-Salaam and an indigenous woman of a minority tribe. As is customary with his father’s people he was given the birth name Maliik ibn-Al Ghrabii meaning (Maliik, son of the unknown) His grandfather was a tribal leader in his clan, and all of his male descendants take on the “unknown” name for reasons that Keikenna’s father did not live long enough to explain. He was called Xengbo by his mother (meaning “horse hearted”). Before his 4th birthday, his village was raided during a border dispute, and his parents, being viewed as suspicious for their Gaijin influence, were killed. He was taken as a spoil of war.
In an odd turn of events, he became the personal servant of a young Isawa family child, a relationship that blossomed into a deep friendship. During a fishing trip, the Isawa youth was attacked by a tiger, and in a fearless effort to save his beloved friend, he manifested the first signs of his potential as a shujenga.
After a spontaneous expression of potential, he was adopted fully into the Isawa clan, with the caveat that his gaijin past was to be just that: his past. This proved harder than expected. Until something more alluring offered itself.

Isawa Keikenna (Xengbo) [Deceased]

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