Ikoma Zai

Honorable Ikoma Bard with a vengeful streak against Shosuro Atari


Ikoma Zai [Lion]

Air: 3
Awareness: 4
Earth: 2
Willpower: 3
Fire: 3
Intelligence: 4
Water: 2
Void: 4

School/Rank: Ikoma Bard (Courtier)/4
Insight: 200

Glory: 6.8
Status: 5.0 (Diplomat between Lion/Seppun)
Honor: 6.4

Ikoma Ancestor, Precise Memory (free), Darling of the Court (Kyuden Doji), Fame, Voice, Friendly Kami (Air), Ally [Yasuki Aritomo]; Ally [Kitsu Jimen, Kitsu Shugenja 3 – hatamoto of the Kitsu daimyo, Toju) (Influence 4/Dev 2) – gained when Zai promoted his well-being in Imperial Court and gained him his position]

Former: Bitter Betrothal (Kakita Dejiko; Atari’s love)
Current: Sworn Enemy (Shosuro Atari), Overconfident, Jealousy (Shosuro Atari)

Courtier 7 (Gossip), Etiquette 7, Lore: History 2, Perform: Storytelling/Oratory 5, Sincerity (Honesty) 4, Lore: Bushido 1, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 3, Games: Go 4, Calligraphy 3, Defense 1, Lore: Scorpion 3
Insight from Skills: 32 (+6) = 60

Mastery Bonuses: Courtier 3/5/7 (3 insight, +7 insight; +1k0 contested), Etiquette 3 (3 insight, 7 insight; +1k0 contested), Jiujutsu 3 (1ko unarmed dmg)

Physical Description:
Ikoma Zai is a handsome young man (around 18) who typically dyes his hair blonde in the tradition of the Lion. He is usually found wearing a large straw cloak and straw hat in the style of the original Ikoma and always proudly displays his clan mon and colors. He is average height and build for a Rokugani male and has deep, rich brown eyes. His manner is easy-going, open, forthright and friendly. He has an easy way with women, drink, and bawdy tales. Zai utilizes his natural Ikoma training and the freedom to be open in many of his emotions to the fullest extent.

XP Spent Total/Leftover: 146/0



Father: Ikoma Zendai, Akodo Bushi trained Tactician (alive)
Mother: Matsu Daikomi, killed in battle against the Crane
Siblings: Matsu Ikomi, Matsu Bushi trained sister; despises the Crane
Wife: Ikoma Dejiko, formerly Kakita
Children: 1-year old son, Ichiro

Ikoma Zai grew up trained in knowledge of warfare, steeped in the Honor of the Lion Clan, and pressured with his prestigious heritage (Ikoma ancestry). From an early age, his tactician father and martially minded mother pushed him towards one of the Lion Bushi schools to no avail. All his life he has felt the capricious spirits of Air all around him and the strong pull of Ikoma within his soul.

Once his sister came of age and began focusing her attention and drive towards joining the Lion’s Pride, Zai was finally given the leeway to train as he wished and follow in Ikoma’s footsteps.

Knowledge of his great heritage and the blessing of the Air Kami have made him overconfident to the point of arrogance in some regards. This pride showed itself most clearly when he convinced his sensei within the Ikoma Bard School to take him with them to Kyuden Doji on a peacekeeping mission.

At Kyuden Doji, Zai reveled in rice wine, women, and stories. He challenged the Kakita artisans and performers to bragging contests and storytelling battles and so impressed the Doji courtiers with his natural talents that a ranking courtier (Doji Aramagi) in charge of the peace talks made arrangements with the Ikoma troupe to have Zai married off to one of their artisans – one Kakita Dejiko.

Zai despaired because he did not wish a wife, but sought to make the best of the situation. Later, he learned that Dejiko could not love him and, in fact, wished him ill because of her love of Shosuro Atari – a Shosuro courtier renowned for his storytelling abilities.

At once, Ikoma Zai determined to remove this threat on many levels and has vowed to defraud Atari. He also attempts to balance his natural inclinations towards drink, fine women, the occasional brawl, and a good night of revelry with his duties to his bitter wife.

Ikoma Zai

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