Kouroku Jun [Jason Weeks]


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 8, Insight 300, Experience Points: 0, Kharma Points: 3


Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4 Water 6 Strength 6 Perception 6
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4 Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 4
Void 4

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Backhand 13k4 8k3 +1k1 dmg Jiujutsu skill, +0k1 dmg HoS, +2k0 hit for Ikoma Ancestor
Initiate Grapple 13k4 +5 8k3 Immune to Large
Sustain Grapple 15k6 +5 8k3 Immune to Large

Armor TN Bonus: +20

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 25

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF): 12k4

Willpower Wounds: 60

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 20
Nicked +3 28
Grazed +5 36
Hurt +10 44
Injured +15 52
Crippled +20 60
Down +40 68 Must spend Void to act
Out 76 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
Bugei Skills
Juijutsu Agility 9 14k4 Sumai / +1k0 dmg; FR to initiate grapple No
Tessen Agility 1 4k4 No
Battle Perception 2 5k4 Yes
High Skills
Courtier Awareness 7 7k4 Gossip, Rhetoric / +3 insight Yes
Lore: History Intelligence 5 10k4 Ancestory, Lion Yes
Lore: Heraldry Intelligence 3 7k4 Yes
Lore: Theology Intelligence 1 6k4 Yes
Spellcraft Intelligence 1 6k4 Yes
Etiquette Awareness 7 6k4 Conversation, Bureaucracy / +3 insight Yes
Perform: Storytelling Awareness 5 8k5 Improvisation, Bragging Yes
Sincerity Awareness 3 6k4 Honesty Yes
Iaijutsu Reflexes 2 6k4 Yes
Games: Go Intelligence 1 6k4 No
Calligraphy Intelligence 4 10k4 Handwriting No
Investigation Perception 1 5k4 No
Lore: Spirit Realms Intelligence 5 10k5 Yes
Perform: Song Awareness 2 6k4 Yes
Lore: Bushido Intelligence 1 6k4 Yes
Low Skills
Skill TRAIT Rank# #k# No
Merchant Skills
Engineering Intelligence 2 7k4 Yes
Glory 5.6 Honor 8.7 Status 5.0 / 5.5 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 0

School Techniques – Ikoma Bard 2, Kitsu Shugenja 1 (path), Spirit Legion (path), Voice of the Ancestors (path), Kitsu Speaker for the Dead 1 (Advanced)

Rank 1 The Herald of Glory The Ikoma are historians and storytellers, tasked with recording the glorious deeds of others for posterity, ensuring that courageous and honorable accomplishments are never forgotten. You gain the Precise Memory Advantage for no cost in Experience Points (if you already have Precise Memory, you are refunded that many Experience Points). You may use the Perform: Storytelling skill to engage in public bragging on behalf of another person. If you can cite heroic or noble actions by that person and successfully roll Perform: Storytelling / Awareness at TN 20, that person will gain a number of points of Glory equal to your School Rank. This may be done a number of times per person per month equal to your School Rank.
Rank 2 The Heart of the Lion The Ikoma are tasked with conveying the emotions which the rest of the Clan keeps bottled away in stoic rectitude. You do not lose Honor or Glory for displaying emotion in public, so long as you do so on behalf of another Lion or for an honorable cause greater than yourself (such as your clan, the Empire, or the Code of Bushido). At the same time, your understanding of both honor and emotion strengthens your own soul against temptation. Anyone attempting to sway your emotions through the use of the Intimidation or Temptation skills must add +5 to their TN for each of your School Ranks.
Rank 3 Eyes of the Ancestors Eyes of the Ancestors – The Kitsu are descended from mystical creatures, and as such are able to reach across the veil between worlds and speak with their ancestors. You may make a Spell Casting Roll (as though casting a Water spell) against a target’s Willpower x 5. If successful, you learn all Spiritual Advantages or Disadvantages that individual possesses. By spending a Void Point, you may negate any one Spiritual Advantage an opponent possesses for a number of minutes equal to your School Rank.
You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Battle keyword. Affinity/Deficiency: Water/Fire
Rank 4 The Legions of the Dead The handful of Spirit Legionnaires are able to pull aside the veil to the Spirit Realms and call forth the spirits themselves to defend their family. You may conduct a ritual that opens a portal and summons forth a spirit to fight in your place. This is a Complex Action that requires you to expend two spell slots associated with one Element of your choice and spend a Void Point. The spirit appears as an armored warrior with the Spirit trait and with all Rings at 2 except for the Ring whose slots you sacrificed; that Ring begins at 3. The spirit is considered to have Kenjutsu
3 and Defense 2, and is equipped with a spectral daisho and light armor. These spirits remain in the mortal realm for a number of hours equal to your Kitsu Shugenja School Rank, or until dismissed by you.
Rank 5 Voice of the Ancestors You are capable of attuning yourself to not only your clan’s ancestors, but all of them. You are able to draw the ancestors to you and, if they find you acceptable, receive their guidance temporarily. Mechanics: You are able to choose any ancestor and receive its benefit. Roll Lore: History (Ancestors) / Intelligence with a TN based on the ancestor’s cost. 0-5 = 30, 6-10 = 40, 10 and over = 50 You must also expend a spell slot of any one element. The effect of the ancestor lasts a number of hours equal to the ring from which you sacrificed a spell slot. You may choose to end the effect early. Once the ancestor leaves you, you are fatigued for a number of hours equal to the time you were under the effects of the ancestor. If you violate any of the ancestor’s demands while under their influence, they will abandon you immediately.
Rank 6 Eyes of Meido Meido’s influence on the Speaker for the Dead is powerful, sometimes even overwhelming. Any spirits in the area can now be seen, even if normally incorporeal, invisible, or in possession of another. Only abilities that specifically hide a target’s nature can conceal it from you. In areas of high density of spirits, however, this can be a curse, driving the Speaker to complete distraction as they have trouble separating the living from the dead. In addition, the Speaker gets a free raise to interactions of any type with spirits, whether social, mental, or physical. Your shugenja school rank is considered one higher for Water spells.
Rank 7 Touch of Meido Your shugenja rank increases by one. You can interact with spirits, ignoring damage reductions, invulnerabilities or even the state of being incorporeal that are based on their spiritual background. This means that if a spirit is dressed in normal heavy armor, you cannot ignore the reduction from the armor.
Rank 8 Voice of Meido Your Shugenja School Rank is considered one higher for the purpose of casting spells with the keywords Ancestor, Spirit, or Ward. Your connection with Meido is so strong that it carries in your voice. As a complex action a number of times equal to your void per day, you may force the call of Meido on another. Make a contested roll of Lore: Spirit Realms + Void, keeping Void versus your target’s willpower. If you succeed, deal damage dice equal to your Void Ring to the target. If the target is a spirit, they are forcibly spun back into the Kharmic Wheel, forgetting who they are as they prepare for reincarnation.
h3. Spells
Path to Inner Peace Water Rank: 1 The water kami can influence the flow of water through the body, dramatically hastening the natural healing process. You can use this spell to heal Wounds that another individual has suffered. This spell restores a number of Wounds to the target equal to the amount by which the Spell Casting Roll exceeded the spell’s TN to cast.,PHB, pg 187
Courage of the Seven Thunders Earth Rank: 1 This spell infuses the targets (who may include the caster) with firm and unyielding courage, bolstered by the eternal power of the Earth. For the duration of the spell, all the targets gain +5k0 to resist any kind of Fear effect, whether magical or
natural. However, this spell is associated with the memory of the legendary Seven Thunders, and those whose connection to the Thunders is tenuous do not receive the same degree of blessing from the Earth kami. Samurai who are not of the original Seven Great Clans receive only +3k0 to their rolls to resist Fear. Anyone who has at least a full Rank of Shadowlands Taint cannot benefit from this spell, although this will not actually reveal that they are Tainted.,PHB, pg 179
Stand Against the Waves Water Rank: 2 A samurai who possesses the speed and strength of the mighty river is a dangerous foe indeed. The target of this spell gains a Simple Action during the Reaction Stage of the current Combat Round. This action may only be used to make an attack. If the target is incapable of making an attack as a Simple Action, this spell grants him a Complex Action instead. This spell cannot award a shugenja the ability to cast a second spell in the same Round.,PHB, pg 189
Rejuvenating Vapors Water Rank: 2 Water washes away all that is impure, refreshing and reinvigorating all it touches. The target of this spell is instantly refreshed as if he had just arisen from a full night’s sleep. This does not restore spent Void Points, but can eliminate fatigue and exhaustion. When used on a shugenja, this spell does restore the spell slots associated with the Void Ring (which can be used for any elements), but not the spell slots associated with other Rings. Abilities that characters may use a limited number of times per day are not refreshed by this spell. No individual can benefit from Rejuvenating Vapors more than once within a 24-hour period.,PHB, pg 189
Gathering Swirl Air Rank: 1 This spell, most often found in the scroll-satchels of magistrates
and their assistants, seems to be a simpler version of the same prayer used for Freedom of the Air. It
causes the Air kami to blow furiously through the area of effect, and while initially this seems to produce nothing but chaos, within a few moments the winds gather several unattended items and deposit them in a neat stack (though not an organized one) at whatever location within the area the caster might desire, including in someone’s hands if that is preferable. The caster must name the items to be collected when the spell is cast, and only those items will be collected—a convenient way to gather scattered papers, find a note buried under a pile, or otherwise retrieve something important with a minimum of effort. It can also be used, more cleverly, to retrieve a concealed or hidden item, a use which magistrates find quite valuable. However, it cannot be used to snatch items from someone else’s grasp or person—the Air spirits consider that to spoil the fun.,BoA, pg 185
Voice of the Wind Air Rank: 1 The kami of Air are fond of sounds, which are carried
through their Element, and can lend their power to strengthen the beauty, passion, and conviction of the human voice. The recipient of this spell finds his or her voice gains timbre, depth, and resonance, becoming in every way more impressive. For the duration of the spell, the target benefits from the Voice Advantage (if he already has Voice, the benefits stack) and also gains a +1k0 bonus to any Social Skill Rolls that involve speech.,BoA, pg 188
Call Upon the Wind Air Rank: 2 The winds can lift and buoy, carrying even the heaviest burden into the skies for short periods. The target of this spell gains a limited form of flight, allowing him to move through the air unimpeded. The target of the spell may make Free Move Actions, but not Simple Move Actions, and may never move more than 10’ per round. Heavy winds can interfere
with this movement or prevent it altogether. At the end of the spell’s duration, the target drifts harmlessly to the ground, no matter how high he might be.,PHB, pg 168
Arrow’s Flight Air Rank: 1 A prayer used by shugenja to aid bushi when an arrow absolutely must hit its target. The shugenja entreats the Air kami to play a game by guiding a single arrow to its
target. The prayer imbues these kami into an arrow, and if the arrow is fired within the duration of the spell, it will unerringly strike its target. (It must still be fired by someone with a minimal understanding of archery—at least one Rank of Kyujutsu.) However, because it is the kami who
ultimately ensure the arrow will hit, the shot cannot benefit from the effects of Raises or Techniques.,BoA, pg 182
Ebbing Strength Air Rank: 1 Energy flows through the universe just as water flows through the mortal shell. You may send your energy to another, weakening yourself and strengthening them in the process. You may reduce any one of your Physical Traits by an amount up to your School Rank. The target of this spell increases the same Physical Trait by the same amount. If your Trait is reduced to 0 as a result of this spell, you immediately fall unconscious and the spell’s duration is reduced to 1 round. No Trait may be enhanced above double its normal rank by this spell.,PHB, pg 187
Judgment of Yomi Water Rank: 2 While the Lion are known for practically refusing to bring shugenja to battle in most circumstance, the first human Kitsu devised several spells to protect them in combat during the tumultuous time of the early Empire. This spell is one such way in which the Kitsu believed that the spirits of those who came before would be ready to judge and punish the unworthy. When this spell is cast, the target immediately feels the gaze of the Realm of Blessed Ancestors upon them – indeed, the Kitsu was able to bring the attention of the restful dead upon their enemies practically at will. Those who are judged unworthy find their strength sapped and themselves forced away from the caster.
If the target is human, for every Social or Spiritual Disadvantage the victim possesses, he suffers a -1k0 on all physical Skill checks. In addition, he must make an Honor check at a TN of 20 or find he cannot move any closer to the caster than the maximum range of this spell (but is not pushed back if already closer or the caster moves closer). There are no other penalties for failing this Honor check. The penalties of this spell last for a full Round, or for as long as the caster maintains concentration on its effects.
Note: Inside the walls of Kyuden Kurogane Hana or at the bank of the Lake of Sorrows the TN to resist this spell increases to 30 because of the overwhelming presence of the restless dead in proximity.
Quiescence of Air Air Rank: 2 Security in communication is of paramount importance
in many situations, and shugenja often find themselves in situations where a conversation is intended to be completely private, or when they cannot allow themselves to be interrupted by extraneous sounds. By placating the spirits of the Air, a shugenja can convince them to create a
barrier against sounds, a bubble of silence through which sound will not pass. The spherical sound-barrier is normally centered around the caster, although with greater effort it can also be centered on a physical object up to fifty feet away. Once this spell is cast, the kami will not allow any sound to enter or leave this bubble, creating absolute privacy for anyone inside of the space. Once created,
the bubble of silence will not move, even if the caster (or the target object) relocates. Characters on one side of a Quiescence of Air spell’s barrier gain two Free Raises on Stealth rolls made against
characters on the other side. BoA, pg 187
Heart of Nature Air Rank: 1 You are able to use the spirits of the wind to speak to an
animal and ensure that it understands what you are saying. This spell works only on natural animals, and will not work with Shadowlands creatures or creatures from other realms. It does not guarantee that the animal will regard you positively or that it will fulfill requests made of it, but the creature will
understand anything you tell it (within its ability to do so, naturally – political relationships will have no meaning to a horse, no matter how many times you explain them). This spell lasts as long as you maintain your full and undivided attention on the animal and continue speaking to it. PHB, pg 167
Suintengu’s Grip Water Rank: 3 Water encases your hands, granting you strength. Cast and get 0k1 to unarmed combat damage. Two raises to raise add 1k0 to the roll.


Voice 1k1 to voice-important skill roles +3 pts
Hands of Stone +0k1 hand damage +6 pts
Ancestor: Ikoma +1k0 to Int based rolls, +2k0 to unarmed damage +9 pts
Ancestor: Kitsu See spirits/spirit portals (perception/TN 25); 1k1 Lore: Spirit Realms +6 pts
Correspondance: Tadaka Eidiyohime Exchange info +1 pt
Social Position: Herald of Eidiyohime 4 status with Imp beauracracy +4 pts
Sacrosanct Honor 5 or more won’t hit me first (bestowed by Eidiyohime) +4 pts
The World of the Daimyo Matchmaking, Out of Clan Official, Informant +5 pts
The Daimyo’s Path Imperial Connection, Iron Will (2), Rumormonger +10 pts
Wealthy 4 +4 pts
Well-Connected 2 +2 pts
Gentry: Unique Holding House of Late Blooming Flowers +18 pts
Darling of the Court Iron Flower +1 pts
Student of Water Free raise while grappled and negates Large in grapple +4 pts
Missing Limb Detail -6 pts

Ikoma jun

Severing Ties

Sweat dripped to the mats in a steady rhythm, each step, thrust, and swing drawing more down the small boy’s face and thin arms till it was flung away with violent grace. The kata had been performed with as great of skill as could be expected. It was fluid and forceful. The child had obviously been practicing a great deal on his own, away from the scrutiny of his father and sensei.


The reprimand bounced around the dojo like a ball, striking the young samurai with every echo. Rage, disgust, and a twinge of something even stronger made the word burrow deep enough that the memory would never fade for the young man. Ikoma Jun tried to switch the katana quickly to his right hand but terror caused his entire body to shake, forcing the blade to fumble between his fingertips to the ground. Ikoma Ijidai, Jun’s father and sensei, gasped and shook, the rage taking on even more depth.

“The fortunes have spoken! I see the sign clearly! If your wretched soul is so fouled that training cannot teach you to wield a sword properly, then there is only one solution!”

The voice was shrill, but commanding, the religious zeal within his father failing to still the child’s heart but forcing his feet and hands to calm. Surely his revered father had figured out how to keep his son from constantly reverting to his cursed left hand. Jun did not mean to keep using the offending appendage but it felt natural. The dexterity needed for continued balance of the blade was simply lacking with his right hand and he could barely do more than draw the sword when he tried. At last, his father’s and his own prayers had been answered and he could learn the blade as it was intended, with honor.
Jun started to reach down to retrieve his katana when the calm within Ijidai’s voice caused him to freeze, left hand inches from the handle.

“You will never touch a blade with that filthy hand again, my son. I promise.”

The loving, joyous tone with which the elder Ikoma spoke frightened young Jun more than anything he had previously encountered. None of the yelling, none of the abuse had ever driven ice so thoroughly through his veins. The moment was punctuated by the soft metallic slide of a sword coming free followed by the sickening thud of flesh falling against the mats. Paralyzed, Jun watched as his hand fell cleanly to the floor and came to rest against the handle he had been reaching for. There was no scream of pain and only one thought flickered into the boy’s mind before the darkness took him; how ironic that his father was wrong. His filthy hand had indeed touched the blade once more.

Kouroku Jun [Jason Weeks]

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