Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 5, Insight 238, Experience Points: 0


Earth 5 Stamina 5 Willpower 5 Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 4 Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 5
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Taint Knife 4k2 2k1 notation

Armor TN Bonus: +0

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Modifiers): 25

Initiative (Insight Rank = REF/ keep REF): 9k4

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 20
Nicked +3 33
Grazed +5 41
Hurt +10 49
Injured +15 57
Crippled +20 65
Down +40 73 Must spend Void to act
Out 81 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Acting 5 5 10k5 Yes
Calligraphy 4 2 6k4 Yes
Courtier 5 1 6k5 ?
Etiquette 5 2 7k5 ?
Investigation 4 3 7k4 ?
Lore: Bushido 4 2 6k4 ?
Lore: Heraldry 4 3 7k4 ?
Lore: History 4 2 6k4 ?
Lore: Spirit Realms 4 1 5k4 ?
Lore: Theology 4 2 6k4 Yes
Medicine: 4 2 6k4 ?
Mediation 2 2 4k2 ?
Sincerity 3 5 8k3 Deceit
Bugei Skills
Defense 2 2 4k2 Yes
Jujitsu 2 2 4k2 Yes
Knives 2 2 4k2 Yes
Low Skills
Craft: Poison 2 3 5k2 ?
Lore: Maho 4 5 9k4 ?
Lore: Shadowlands 4 4 8k4 Yes
Stealth 2 3 5k2 ?
Merchant Skills
Commerce 2 2 4k2 ?
Glory 0.0 Honor 0.7 Status 0.0 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 3.1

School Techniques (The Bloodspeaker Technique Rank 1)

Rank 1 Iuchiban’s Method Learn Two Spells. Free Raise for all Maho. Reduce taint gain by bleeding two additional wounds per pt of Taint prevented. Use someone else’s blood to transfer the taint to them.


Luck Reroll once per session +3 pts
Allies Many of different power/devotion +3 pts
Dark Secret Secret Found Out = Death -4 pts
Dark Fate Once per session back alive with one health -4 pts


Dancing with Demons | Air (Maho) 3 | Gain Advantage or give Disadvantage for 24 hrs | pg. 29 Enemies

Gift of the Maker | Fire (Maho) 2 | Gain any greater shadowlands power for 1 hr | pg. 29 Enemies

Tomb of Earth | Earth (Maho) 4 | Turn non tainted to stone. Caster’s insight/earth vs targets insight/air. 2k2 per round | pg 29 Enemies

Fierce Blood of the Earth | Earth (Maho) 5 | Contested Earth Roll. If caster wins the target dies, and the caster heals all injuries, regrows any missing limb, and extends his life by one year | pg 30 Enemies

Sinful Dreams | Air (Maho) 1 | Free raise to intimidate or tempt target for 24 hrs. Can raise to gain more free raises | Corebook 269

Armor of Obsidian | Fire (Maho) 3 | Absord Jade Keyword Spell| corebook pg. 271

Death Beyond Life | Earth (Maho) 3 | Come Back from dead 24 hrs later | corebook pg 271

Chains of Jigoku | Earth (Maho) 4 | Target Immoblized | corebook pg 273

No Pure Breaths | Air (Maho) 4 | Air as DR. Target has permanent +10 to tns until magically healed | corebook pg 273

- Shadowlands Powers -
- Mutation – Demonic Eyes- Eyes glow slightly blue in darkness or visual impairment situations
- Master of Blood- Further Reduces Taint gain. Taint gain reduced by earth to a minimum of 1.
- Protection of the Dark- Invulnerable in the same manner as Oni.


Hiro is in many ways an unbeatable Maho-Tsukai. His lust for power is unparalled, and he will do whatever possible to advance his own goals. He will not hesitate to torture or kill any who stand in his way. Hiro’s preferred tactic is to bait and then switch enemies. He will intentionally use the lesser cult members in his cell to draw a unaware samurai to a deserted place, and then destroy them. One of his preferred tactics includes using Gift of the Maker to gain a shadowsland power that somehow is a perversion of the person he wants to slaughter.

He benefits very much from many of the norms of Rokugani society. Because Hiro is technically an Eta within the kharmic cycle he is beneath the view of the average samurai. He travels unseen with his “allies” making his movements possible, and covering for him. Because of his age, and power he is actually the leader of his Maho-tsukai cell even though it also contains real samurai. Because of this unique situation he is rarely seen as more than luggage.


Hiro has a deep hatred of those more fortunate to be born as samurai. He spent the first half of his his life working as a body burner for the crab on the wall. He slowly started to resent the work he was required to do. One day he accidently came in contact with the tainted blood of a dead oni. This caused the Kanzen to whisper to him. He instantly accepted their offer of power.

Hiro relishes any opportunity to use his knowledge of Bushido to insult, or demean the “real honor” of samurai.


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