Hida Mukainoda

A proud and powerful warrior bolstered by utter, unflinching fearessness.




Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 2, Insight 160, Experience Points: 1

Kharma: 0


Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4 Water 2 Strength 4 Perception 2
Fire 2 Agility 3 Intelligence 2 Air 2 Reflexes 3 Awareness 2
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Tetsubo 10k4 10k4 ignore 2 Reduction, free raise for knockdown, damage explodes on 9+
Katana 7k3 8k2
Hands 7k3 6k1

Armor TN Bonus: 10

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Defense x 2 + Armor + Modifiers): 35

Reduction: 5

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF): 5k3

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 20
Nicked +3 28
Grazed +5 36
Hurt +10 44
Injured +15 52
Crippled +20 60
Down +40 68 Must spend Void to act
Out 76 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Bugei Skills
Athletics varies 3 varies none Yes
Defense varies 5 varies Modifies TN to be Hit Yes
Heavy Weapon AGI 7 7k2 Tetsubo. Ignore 2 Reduction Yes
Intimidation WIL 5 4k3 none Yes
Kenjutsu AGI 3 6k2 +1k0 Damage Yes
Lore: Shadowlands INT 1 3k2 none Yes
Jiujutsu varies 3 varies none Yes
Merchant Skills
Low Skills
Stealth AGI 3 3k2 Master/Emphases No
Glory 4.0 Honor 4.0 Status 2.0 Infamy 0 Shadowlands Taint 0 Shadow 0

School Techniques (Name of School)

Rank One The Way of the Crab +1k0 damage with Heavy Weapons, Ingnore armor TN penalies except to Stealth
Rank Two Crab Berserker +2k1 to attack and damage and ignore wounds while in trance. Due to his connection with Toshigoku and the Blood Red Star Mukainoda may not spend Void to end a berserk trance early.


Large +1k0 to damage rolls with large weapons
Crab Hands +1k0 to all weapon skill rolls, weapon skill rolls are always skilled
Death Trance Immune to Fear
Great Destiny Saved from death once per session
Obligation Hiruma Kozuo Minor
Social Posistion Imperial Mother

Hida Mukainoda is the eldest son of Hida Kontsu, Taisa of the Testsu no Kabe Legion charged with the protection of Kyuden Hida and Hida Reiha’s cousin through their fathers. This itself would be enough to ensure an auspicious future for Mukainoda even without the influence of his mother the former Matsu Ippanko, the notoriously demanding master of Kontsu’s political interests and the youngest sister of the late Tadaka I.

Mukainoda passed his gemmpuku around 6 years ago. A minor Hiruma Scout, Kozuo, spoke to him before he left beyond the Wall. Seeking to curry favor with Mukainoda’s powerful family, Kozuo told him of a wandering ogre that Kozuo had found squatting just a few miles into wilderness. Mukainoda was able to find and kill the beast returning with its head in just a few hours. When asked about the kill Mukainoda replied “It was easy. He was stupid.”

Mikainoda has served well as a Gunso in his father’s legion. But, the leadership of the Crab armies are now pressing to move him into position as a more specialized warrior within Rokugan itself. Mikainoda has spend the past few months training with the Hiruma to refocus his style to fighting samurai instead of monsters.

  • Mukainoda has been under intense scrutiny from the Otomo for several months.
  • Two years ago Mukainoda met privately with Tadaka II, the Steel, and Emerald Champions, and Isawa Akihito. They spoke to him briefly.
  • There are rumors that Mukainoda is being groomed for a position as a personal bodyguard of the Emperor and his family or possibly a high ranking Imperial official.

Jishin Yamagatana

Mukainoda’s katana is a Matsu made blade known as Jishin Yamagatana “Earthquake Mountain Blade.” It is named so because of a severe earthquake that shook the Matsu provinces 40 years ago on the day it was finished. The blade was originally carried by Matsu Ogarimu a cousin of Matsu Nimuro who was killed in battle just prior to the Reign of Peace.

The saya and handle of the katana are made of hard oak from the Crab lacquered white. The handle is wrapped in alternating black and blue silk cords and the tsuba is soft bronze cast in the shape of a roaring oni’s head.

Hanging from black ribbons at the top of the saya are three netsuke, the mon of the Crab, the Hida, and a white jade koku given to him by the Emperor via Isawa Akihito.

Mukainoda is in possession of Mukainoda’s Tetsubo a tetsubo with shards of the Bloid Red Star pounded into the wood. It has a DR of 5k3 and the Radiant property.

Hida Mukainoda

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