A ronin who was born into the Unicorn Clan, but left them to serve the Lion Clan.


Rank 1 Shinjo Bushi/ Rank 2 Akodo Bushi

Air 2
Earth 3
Fire 2 agility 4
Water 4
Void 4

Skills: Battle 5, Defense 3, Kenjutsu 5, Kyujutsu 5, History 2, Sincerity 2, Horsemanship 5, Athletics 3

Advantages/Disadvantages: Paragon of Bushido-Courage, Great Destiny, Sworn Enemy-Kolat


With the destruction of the Akodo family line, Hasame lost his position within the Lion and was dismissed by the Matsu family. Hasame traveled east to the Islands of Silk and Spice. The Mantis Clan bushi with whom he worked despised him, regarding him as a fallen samurai of the Great Clans. He served as a yojimbo to a wealthy Mantis merchant for months. Only one among the Mantis would he call a friend: the bushi Arashi.

Hasame awoke one day to find Arashi over him with a kama raised for the killing strike. The fight was quick but bloody. Arashi lay dead afterwards, his throat torn out by his own kama. Hasame recieved a grievous wound on his arm. He believed that his former friend had been a Kolat. He left the islands and joined Toturi’s Army to further his search for Kolat.


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