One of Toturi's senior officers.


Rank 2 Akodo bushi (insight rank 4)

Air 3 reflexes 5
Fire 3 agility 5
Water 4 strength 5
Earth 5
Void 4

Skills: Battle 5, Defense 2, Kenjutsu 7, Iaijutsu 7, Kyujutsu 3, History 3, Sincerity 2

Advantages/Disadvantages: Quick, Brash, Wary, Great Destiny, Tactician, Contrary

Ginawa wields Revenge. The most powerful of the Bloodswords and possibly Rokugan’s most powerful nemuranai.


Akodo Ginawa was already a taisa in the Akodo House Guard at the age of seventeen, and showed a huge amount of promise for his future. His promising future was destroyed when he was manipulated into killing his master. He became a ronin for approximately a decade until his service to Toturi the Black.


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