Doji Ejio



Doji Ejio of the Crane Clane
Turquoise Champion, Nakado, Savior of Women, Bad Motherfucker

Rank 5 Insight 236 XP 0 Kharma 0
Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 6
Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4
Water 2 Strength 2 Perception 2
Void 4
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Witty Repartee 15k6 0k0 Reduces Opponent’s Self-Esteem
Armor TN Bonus +0
TN To Be Hit 25
Reduction 0
Initiative 9k4
Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 15 Earth x 5
Nicked +3 21
Grazed +5 27
Hurt +10 33
Injured +15 39
Crippled +20 45
Down +40 51 Must Spend Void to Act.
Out 57 Cannot Act.
High Skills
Acting AWA 2 8k6 No
Artisan: Bonsai AWA 3 11k6 Yes
Artisan: Origami AWA 3 12k7 3 Dimensional Yes
Artisan: Painting AWA 2 8k6 No
Artisan: Sculpting AWA 8 17k7 Spatial Perception Yes
Calligraphy INT 2 6k4 Cipher No
Courtier AWA 7 15k6 Manipulation, Gossip, Medicine; +3 Insight Yes
Etiquette AWA 4 11k6 Conversation; +3 Insight Yes
Games: Sadane AWA 1 8k6 Yes
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Imperial Bureaucracy INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Law INT 1 5k4 No
Lore: Underground INT 2 6k4 No
Lore: Otosan Uchi INT 1 5k4 Political Ties No
Perform: Biwa AGI 1 5k4 No
Perform: Storytelling AWA 2 8k6 No
Sincerity AWA 5 12k6 Honesty Yes
Bugei Skills
Defense REF 2 6k4 No
Low Skills
Intimidation AWA 3 9k6 No
Honor 7.0 Glory 10.9 Status 5.2
Infamy 0.0 Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

Kakita Artisan
Rank 1 Soul of the Artisan The Kakita Artisan is taught from earliest youth to focus on one specific form of art above all others, devoting himself to it heart and soul and pursuing the goal of absolute perfection within its forms. Of course, in keeping with Crane tradition the Artisan is also taught to be a ruthless critic to any artistic rivals. Select one of your three chosen School Skills (Artisan: Sculpting) as the focus of your artistic training. This becomes your Chosen Art. When making skill rolls with your chosen art, you gain a +2k0 bonus and your Raises are not limited by your Void.
Any time you are using Games: Sadane to criticize someone else’s art or performance, you gain a Free Raise on your skill roll.
Rank 2 The Soul’s Dream The Kakita Artisan is taught to use his art to affect those around them, inspiring emotions and shifting the views of the audience. When presenting a public performance or display of you chosen art, you may make a Contested Social Roll of Chosen Art/Awareness against the Etiquette (Courtesy)/Willpower of the audience members. Those audience members who fail their rolls are profoundly swayed and their emotions shift in a direction you desire – becoming friendlier, more hostile, calmer, or whatever other emotional shift your art is designed to evoke. This emotional shift normally lasts a number of hours equal to your Insight Rank.
Note that not all persons are equally susceptible to the impact of art – the GM may rule that a particular individual is affected for a shorter period of time, or award a bonus to the resistance roll for persons whose emotions are difficult to manipulate. The GM should normally have each individual audience member roll separately to resist this technique (this should always be done for PCs or important NPCs), but with large groups of ordinary NPCs the GM can opt to save time by making a single roll for most or all of them.
Rank 3 Free the Spirit You may select a second of your three chosen School Skills as a chosen art (Artisan: Origami), and all Technique bonuses and effects which applied to your first chosen art now apply to it as well. The bonus to your chosen art skill rolls increases to +2k1.
Rank 4 The Undying Name Your art is now so magnificent that you can make and break the reputations of others by depicting or referencing them in your work. You may create a piece of art referring to another person by rolling Chosen Art/Awareness at a TN equal to 20 plus 5x their Glory Rank. With a success, you may either increase (if your art is complimentary) or decrease (if it is critical) their Glory by up to 5 points, plus an additional 5 points for every Raise you make on the roll. You may call two additional Raises to inflict a gain of Infamy on the target instead of a Glory change.
You may not target the same person with this technique more than once every six months. Furthermore, persons of high station cannot have their reputations damaged by artists lacking in prestige—the target’s Status Rank cannot exceed your Glory or Status Rank (whichever is higher).
Rank 5 A Gift Beyond Price You art is now so perfect that a gift of it can profoundly
change another person’s attitude toward you and your clan. Once per month, you may give a gift of your chosen art to someone from another clan or faction. Make a Contested Social Roll of your [chosen art]/Awareness against their Etiquette (Courtesy)/Willpower. (The GM may award Free Raises to you or the target of this technique based on the type and subject of the art and the attitudes and beliefs of the target—some people are easier to sway than others.) With a success, you permanently alter their attitude toward your clan/faction in a favorable direction. With a failure, the target becomes aware of your attempt to manipulate his emotions, and his attitude toward your clan/faction permanently shifts in a hostile direction.
This technique cannot target the same person more than
once per year.
Allies Asako Ochiyo Influence 1, Devotion 2 +2 Pts
Allies Asamiri Influence 2, Devotion 1 +2 Pts
Allies Gurin Influence 1, Devotion 1 +1 Pts
Allies Hare Clan Influence 4, Devotion 4 +7 Pts
Allies Ide Tenseko Influence 4, Devotion 4 +7 Pts
Allies Kakita Karizuki Influence 2, Devotion 1 +2 Pts
Allies Kitsu Okura Influence 1, Devotion 1 +1 Pts
Allies Miya Keppon Influence 4, Devotion 2 +5 Pts
Allies Ohana Influence 1, Devotion 1 +1 Pts
Allies Shinjo Hayasu Influence 2, Devotion 1 +2 Pts
Allies Shinjo Kiiyo Influence 1, Devotion 1 +1 Pts
Allies Shosuro Meiyoko Influence 1, Devotion 1 +1 Pts
Allies Ayami Influence 1, Devotion 4 +4 Pts
Allies Bayushi Kenjinsen Influence 4, Devotion 1 +5 Pts
Favors Shinjo Hayasu +2 Pts
Gaijin Gear Magnifying Glass +4 Pts
Gentry Tower House +18 Pts
Gentry Inn of Somewhere Nice +18 Pts
Kharmic Tie (2) Ide Tenseko +2 Pts
Perceived Honor (1) Honor appears 1 higher per rank +2 Pts
Prodigy +1k0 to School Skill Rolls +12 Pts
Sensation Pretend You Have 1 in Perform Skills +3 Pts
Servant Miyako, Geisha (3) +5 Pts
Soul of Artistry Pretend You Have 1 in Artisan Skills +3 Pts
Wealthy Patron: Nameless Tea House, Bright Wind Geisha House +5 Pts
Well Connected Call on Connections, 1/Session +2 Pts
Obligation from Hare Clan +6 Pts
Blackmail Jade Tear +7 Pts
Cursed by the Realm Meido -1k1 Perception Rolls when Not Occupied -4 Pts
Lechery Opponents get +1k1 on Temptation (Seduction) Rolls -2 Pts
Soft-Hearted Willpower (TN 20) Required to Kill -4 Pts

Ejio is the third son of Doji Satsume. He has always been repulsed by blood and couldn’t hold a sword to save his life. He was sent to the Artisans where he flourished and proved to be goddamned amazing. He has recently developed a style of art that creates a different image depending on what angle you look at it. He is still refining it as well as developing a new medium.

Currently working on this style of art, combining origami and sculpture:

Long story short: Eijo has two brothers and an adopted sister: Doji Hoturi, Doji Kuwanan, and Doji Shizue. His father is Doji Satsume, the Emerald Champion and Crane Clan champion. His mother has thrown herself from a cliff. He keeps a token of her affection, a small netsuke shaped like a feather. He is close with his adopted sister Shizue.

When he was young, Daidoji Rekai beat his ass on his first day of training with the Daidoji dojo and told Ejio he should never touch a sword again or he would bring dishonor to his entire family. He has not touched a sword since. His father saw the encounter and simply walked away, not interacting with his child since.

Doji Ejio

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