Daidoji Ishi/ Roshougan

A stalwart man with a reputation for standing firm against overwhelming odds who is now yojimbo to Doji Seiyami.


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 6, Insight 251, Experience Points: 0
h3. Kharma: 1


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3 Water 4 Strength 4 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 4 Intelligence 3 Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 4
Void 4

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Spear of Meido 10k4 8k3 Item contains one free temporary raise per person killed by it

Armor TN Bonus: 5

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + 5 + 12 + ): 37

Reduction: 3

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF): 10k4

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 19
Nicked +0 29
Grazed +2 39
Hurt +7 49
Injured +12 59
Crippled +17 69
Down +37 79 Must spend Void to act
Out 89 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Courtier Awa 3 7k4 No
Sincerity Awa. 2 6k4 No
Etiquette Awa. 3 7k4 (Courtesy) No
Investigation Per. 5 9k4 (notice) No
Lore: Heraldry Int. 1 4k3 No
Meditation Void 8 10k8 (Fasting) +1k1 from rank 2 technique, +1k1 from Inheritance advantage No
Lore: Bushido Int. 3 6k3 No
Bugei Skills
Athletics Agi. 4 8k4 yes
Kenjustu Agi. 7 10k5 (katana) yes
Battle Per. 3 7k4 Yes
Iaijustu Ref. 7 11k4 (Assessment) (Focus) yes
Kyujutsu Ref. 1 5k4 yes
Defense Ref. 6 10k4 yes
Warfan Agi. 3 7k4 no
Spears Agi. 5 9k4 (Yari) no
Juijutsu Agi. 5 9k4 no
Merchant Skills
Low Skills
Glory 6.0 Honor 8.2 Status 1.0 Infamy 0.0 Shadowlands Taint 0.0 Shadow 0.0

School Techniques (Daidoji Iron Warrior/4, Order of Peaceful Repose/1, Barefoot Brethren/1)

Rank 1 The Force of Honor The Iron Warrior serves as the shield of his clan, defending the honor and homes of the Crane. You gain a bonus of your Honor Rank (rounded down) minus 4 to your Wounds at each Wound Rank, to a minimum bonus of one. (Thus at Honor Rank 6.5, you gain a bonus of 2 Wounds to each Wound Rank.) Additionally, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls while in the Attack Stance.
Rank 2 The Shield of Faith The Iron Warrior truly believes that his work serves a higher purpose. When you perform the Guard Maneuver, the benefits last for an additional Round. Additionally, the Armor TN bonus of the Guard Maneuver is increased by 5. (This bonus applies to both your Armor TN and your target’s Armor TN– thus, you suffer no TN penalty when Guarding, and your target gains a bonus of +15 to his Armor TN instead of +10.).
Rank 3 Strike Beneath the Veil The Daidoji is an intractable foe, devastating to face under any
circumstances. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while in the Attack Stance.
Rank 4 Vigilance of Mind The Iron Warrior is always on the lookout for dangers. You may spend a Void Point during the Reactions Stage to target an opponent who has attempted to strike at either you or the target of your Guard Maneuver during the Round. You gain a bonus of +2k1 to the total of all attack and damage rolls against that opponent during the next Round..
Rank 5 Emma-O’s Insight You may detect the presence of ghosts (yorei or goryo, but not gaki)
by spending 10 minutes in meditation and making a roll of Meditation / Awareness at TN 25. You may do this a number of times per day equal to your Void Rank. You may call Raises on this roll to learn the following additional information (one piece of information per Raise): the ghost’s identity, its manner of death, and its connection to the mortal world. For three Raises, you can gain specific insight into what will lay the ghost to rest. (GM’s discretion as to exactly what you learn, but it will always be directly useful to resolving the ghost’s presence in the mortal world.)
Rank 6 Koshin’s Favor You gain only one Kiho at this Rank. The strength of Koshin prevents you from becoming Fatigued from travel or lack of sleep, but not from the lack of food/drink. You gain a +1k1 bonus to all Meditation rolls.


Great Destiny The kharmic cycle has some great purpose in store for you, and the Celestial Order will conspire to keep you alive, no matter what, until your destiny can be fulfi lled. Once per session, when you suffer Wounds that would kill you, you are reduced to a single Wound remaining instead. This will only happen once per session, as there are limits to the extent that the Heavens will intervene in mortal affairs. – 5 pts
Friend of the Elements: Water The spirits of a certain Element swirl about you at all times,
lending their aid when possible even though you are likely unaware of their presence. Choose a Ring when this Advantage is purchased. Whenever you make a Trait Roll with either Trait associated with that Ring, you gain a Free Raise.
– 4 pts
Sacred Weapon: Kakita Blade You possess a special weapon created by the master weaponsmiths of your Clan, and considered to be an icon of all who bear the mon of your Clan. 4k2 Katana, may reroll damage once per iajutsu duel. – 5 pts
Strength of the Earth In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. – 2 pts
Virtuous You embrace virtue in your every thought and action. You possess one additional rank of Honor above your normal starting value (as determined by your School). – 3 pts
Momoku There is a fundamental spiritual imbalance present in your soul that no one can explain or rectify, but it has a dramatic impact on your place within the universe, and harmony is a state virtually unknown to you. You possess Void Points, but you may not spend them on anything except School Techniques which specifically require Void Points. The basic uses of Void Points listed in the Book of Earth are unavailable to you. + 8 pts
Obligation: Doji Seiyami’s Yojimbo There is someone to whom you are indebted or for whom
you must fulfill some significant duty. The nature of this debt can vary considerably, but when it comes due, nothing else matters. You must honor it, even if it leads to your ruination. The first level of this Disadvantage is a relatively minor matter that nevertheless demands your full attention. The second level represents a major, significant obligation that could potentially damage your family’s standing if you do not devote considerable time and resources to fulfilling it.
+ 6 pts
Inheritance/Monk’s Robes (Meditation) When you received your gempukku ceremony, your family
honored you with an heirloom of your ancestors. It is among your most precious possessions, and you would die before you allowed it to be harmed or brought dishonor to it. You possess one item in addition to the normal starting equipment provided by your School. Whenever you make a Skill Roll using this item, such as a Perform: Biwa roll with a biwa, a Games: Go roll with a go set, or a Kenjutsu roll with a katana, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the roll.
– 5 pts

Kata/ Kiho

The World is Empty The masters of both the Kakita and the Mirumoto schools understand that a hidden connection exists between all things in the universe – what the Phoenix refer to as the Void. The connection, when properly understood by a swordsman, can give rise to moments of true greatness.
Ring/Mastery: Air 4 or Fire 4
Schools: Any (Mirumoto and Kakita bushi reduce Ring requirements by 1)
Special: Can only be used with a katana or daisho
Effect: When this Kata is activated, you gain a bonus of +Xk0 to your Kenjutsu or Iaijutsu attack rolls, where X is equal to the number of Void Points you currently possess. This Kata’s benefit lasts for a number of Rounds equal to the number of Void Points you possess when you activate it, ending during the Reactions stage of the last Round. When it ends, you lose 1 Void Point.
Strength of the Crane
Ring/Mastery: Air 3 Schools: Any Crane Bushi Effect: When fighting with a sword or spear you add an amount equal to your Honor Rank -3 (minimum 1) to your armor TN. |
Rising Mountain
Ring/Mastery: Earth 6 Type: Kharmic Effect: Once activated, this Kiho lasts a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank +1. While this Kiho is active, every time an attacker makes a Raise when attacking or otherwise taking an offensive combat action against you (not including spells), you gain Reduction equal to twice the number of Raises made. (This effect does not trigger from Free Raises.) The Reduction is gained the moment the Raises are declared; the enemy attack does not have to be successful. These increases in Reduction are cumulative, but the total Reduction gained cannot exceed your Earth x 5. The Reduction lasts until the Kiho is deactivated or the skirmish ends, whichever comes first. |
Freezing the Lifeblood
Ring/Mastery: Water 7 (Atemi) Type: Martial Effect: The individual struck by the atemi attack is paralyzed, effectively Stunned and unable to take Move Actions, and may not move under his own power for a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank. |
Embrace the Stone
Ring/Mastery: Earth 5 Type: Mystical Effect: When you activate this Kiho, you gain a Reduction Rating equal to twice your Earth Ring. This stacks with any other Reduction you have from other sources (such as spells or armor). This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Earth Ring. |
Way of the Willow
Ring/Mastery: Air 5 Type: Internal Effect: While this Kiho is active, if you have not yet taken your Turn during the current combat Round, you may spend a Void Point to immediately interrupt any opponent who declares a melee attack against you. As part of this interruption, you may either make a Move Action away from the opponent, or you may instead make an unarmed attack against them. Once you have done so, the effect of this Kiho ends. This Kiho is rendered inactive if not used within one day of its activation. |
Ride the Water Dragon
Ring/Mastery: Water 3 Type: Kharmic Effect: While this Kiho is active, for a number of Rounds equal to your Insight Rank, you recover Wounds equal to your Water Ring during the Reactions Stage of the Round. |
Void Fist
Ring/Mastery: Void 4 (Atemi) Type: Martial Effect: You must make a successful Raise to strike an opponent with Void Fist. A successful strike infl icts no damage, but you immediately regain two Void Points. This Kiho can only be used on enemies, and has no effect on allies. |

Spear of Meido
A suit of Light Armor worn during the Battle of Tsuma.


Daidoji Ishi’s life started out ominously when he was born under a new moon. When his family went to have him blessed by the Asahina, they were informed that his cycle in the Celestial Wheel is imbalanced and that the Void is absent within him. He was seen as cursed by his family and was never given any really important duties or opportunities for fear that he might bring shame and dishonor upon his family. He was brought up as an average samurai fulfilling his duties as a bushi for the Daidoji family. His first duty of any importance was guarding a Scorpion bushi name Bayushi Konitsu during the rest of the Topaz tournament who had been caught cheating during the tournament and was disqualified. Things became strange when his charge ran after the man who assassinated the First Magistrate, who wound up being Atari Uchigon, causing the Daidoji to pursue the Bayushi. Things became worse when Tsuma was attacked by the Tsuno and Onisu. His charge then became the general of the remaining forces in the dojo. If it wasn’t for the confidence and persuasion of Ikoma Jun noone would have followed the dishonorable Scorpion. I observed the lovely Seiyami working the more prestigious members of the court until two mind controlled courtiers attack her. I arrested the two immediately. The strange Henshin that had participated in the Topaz and the Sumai Specialist Ikoma Jun were able to capture and defeat the Onisu of Desire before it could escape. The final battle was epic. The Topaz contestants showed their worth against the Onisu of Death and his lieutenants. The Topaz champion proved why the Onisu were so adamant about trying to turn him to the dark side by delivering shattering blows to her enemies. The Henshin’s strength proved invaluable when he wielded the Sword of Tadaka against the rampaging Tsuno who attempted to steal it back to its realm.
The battle finally ended in victory for the people of Tsuma. The destruction was immense but was eventually cleaned up. All of the the surviving Kakita and Daidoji were given special accommodation for their services during the battle. Finally, Ishi was getting recognition for his strength and abilities. His actions for standing firm at the dojo where the last skirmish was fought awarded him the reputation as the Stone Crane. His training continued at the dojo with an emphasis on becoming the perfect yojimbo. His daily duties over the years was guarding the prestigious Kakita Dueling Academy. One night, Ishi’s dreams were invaded by the strange Henshin he had encountered years earlier. He found himself standing what he could only guess was Meido based on what he would overhear the Asahina saying about it during funeral rites. The Henshin stood in front of him bearing scars that seemed like he had committed seppuku. He said that the realm of waiting was becoming imbalanced and that Ishi has been chosen to help balance the realms along with others he had fought alongside with before. Ishi said that he was confused and didn’t understand what he was talking about. The monk said he would show him. The monk walked into Ishi fusing his soul with the bushi’s. Ishi mind swam with strange images of Kyunden Kurogana Hana, Doji Seiyami caring for an albino child in pain, and the strangest image of a suit of armor bound in chains on a throne. Ishi woke up drenched in a cold sweat and his head swimming with strange memories that weren’t his own. When he sat up, he heard one last message from the monk. “Find the Snow Crane and the child. Save them. Save the realm.” He knew what he had to do. He immediately went to his superior and requested to be assigned as Doji Seiyami’s yojimbo. His superior denied his request since Doji Seiyami did not ask for his service. Ishi hid his disappointment well and left. He started asking around about Kurogana Hana and its history. A few hours after his initial request was denied, he was summoned back to his superior’s office. Ishi was surprised to see a smiling Doji Mikohime was awaiting his arrival along with his superior. He was astounded to find out that his request to be Seiyami’s yojimbo had been reviewed again and accepted. Mikohime seemed very interested in Seiyami’s safety saying that she needed to be looked after and guarded. Ishi was certainly was confused but didn’t question the reason for the appeal of his request. He set out immediately after that for Kurogana Hana.

Daidoji Ishi/ Roshougan

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