Daidoji Iagi


Daidoji Iagi

Daidoji Iron Warrior

Residence: Noble Quarter – Old Section, Crane Holdings
Rank3 Honor7.5
GloryX InfamyX
Insight180 StatusX
KharmaX TaintX
InitiativeInsight+REF k REF7k4
Normal TNREFx5+5+bonuses25 = (4×5)+5+x
Armor TNREFx5+5+Armor+bonuses30 = (4×5)+5+5+x
Attack8k3 (8k4)Attack8k3 (8k4)Attack9k4
DamageSTR+xkx = xkxDamageSTR+xkx = xkxDamageSTR+xkx = xkx
Wound LevelTotalItems
Healthy (+0)18
Nicked (+3)24
Grazed (+5)30
Hurt (+10)36
Injured (+15)42
Crippled (+20)48
Down (+40)54
DefenseREF48k4 May retain roll if Full Defense
IaijutsuREF48k4Ready Katana as a Free Action
+5 to a Contested roll
+1k0 sword damage
KyujutsuREF59k4String a bow as a Simple Action
Bow range +50%
Daidoji Iron Warrior
The Force of HonorHonor Rank minus 4 as a bonus to wound levels
+1k0 to attack in Attack stance
The Shield of FaithGuard +1 round, TN bonus +5 (yours and your target)
Strike Behind the VeilMelee as Simple atction when in Attack stance
Virtuous+1 Rank of starting Honor3
Tactician+ / – 5 to roll on Mass Battle table3
Bitter BetrothalXXX2
True LoveVoid point to choose duty over lover3

As a young samurai Iagi was tasked with the duty of protecting Crane caravans from Mura Sabishii Toshi to Crab and Scorpion lands. He was quite capable and quickly garnered a reputation for protecting the merchants at all personal cost. He would let neither his Lord’s goods nor servants fall while under his protection.

A minor treaty in the footnotes of history changed his world forever when his family announced to him after a particularly long trade run that he had been betrothed to a Kitsu. He was not at all pleased with the news, however she was of lesser station, so at least he would not be leaving Crane lands. He might have actually been happy with the arrangement, if not for the fact that she resembled a horse, and had the personality of an ox.

Iagi took every available opportunity to request the longest of the trade runs, namely all the way to Ryoko Owari. Given his status amongst the caravan-samurai, this was almost always approved.

Many years of service have made him a hardened warrior, and he now leads the caravans instead of travelling with them. Much of his time is now spent in Ryoko Owari adminstering his Lord’s wishes. He has slowly found that his heart now melts for a young courtier [xxx] in Ryoko Owari.

Daidoji Iagi

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