Bayushi Konitsu [Bobby Turman]


Legend of the Five Rings, 4E

Rank 5, Insight 228, Experience Points:

Social Position: Taisa, Imperial Legions/Avenger of the Seto Province

Kharma: 1


Earth 4 Stamina 4 Willpower 4 Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 4
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3 Air 4 Reflexes 4 Awareness 4
Void 4

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Wyrmbone Katana 14k4+4 8k3 Spend 1 Void for +1k1 damage

Armor TN Bonus: 5

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + Armor + Defense x 2 + Modifiers): 40/ +45 w/ higher initiative, +50/55 in Air Stance

Reduction: 3

Initiative (Insight Rank + REF/ keep REF + bonus): 10k5 + 7

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 20
Nicked +3 28
Grazed +5 36
Hurt +10 44
Injured +15 52
Crippled +20 60
Down +40 68 Must spend Void to act
Out 76 Cannot act
Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
High Skills
Courtier AW 3 9k4 (Manipulation) Yes
Etiquette AW 3 9k4 Yes
Iajutsu RE 5 11k4+4 (Assessment)(Focus) Free raise to Focus/Void Yes
Investigation PR 3 8k4 (Notice) No
Lore: Heraldry AW 1 7k4 No
Sincerity AW 4 10k4 (Deceit) Yes
Bugei Skills
Battle PR 5/6 9k4/10k4 (Skirmish)(Mass Battle) Add skill rank to Initiative Yes
Defense RE 5 9k4 Roll and keep half roll to Armor TN while in Earth Stance, or Defense + Air to Armor TN in Air Stance/ Armor TN is +3 in Defense or Full Defense
Kenjutsu RE 7 13k4+4 (Katana) 9’s and 10’s explode on damage Yes
War Fan AG 3 Add Insight rank (5) to TN/No off-hand penalties No
Merchant Skills
Name STAT # #.# Master/Emphases Yes/No?
Low Skills
Intimidation Will 3 7k4 Control No
Glory 3.8 Honor 1.8 Status 5.5 Infamy 4.5 Shadowlands Taint #.# Shadow #.#

School Techniques (Bayushi Bushi)

Rank 1 The Way of the Scorpion +1k1 to initiative, +5 Armor TN against opponents with lower initiative
Rank 2 Imperial Legionnaire (Alternate Path) Bonus to roll when spending Void equal to number of legionnaires/magistrates within 25 feet
Rank 3 Strike at the Tail Choose a target w/I 30 ft during Stance Declaration, if struck they are Fatigued. Earth roll TN 25 during reaction stage to negate.
Rank 4 Strike from above, strike from below Make attacks as a simple action
Rank 5 The Pincers Hold, the Tail Strikes Once per encounter, spend Void as a Complex action to Stun opponent hit with a melee weapon. Opponent may make an Earth Ring roll TN damage dealt to end stun on Reaction stage. Otherwise, Stun ends on second Reaction Stage.


Ancestor-Bayushi 1k0 to all school skills/2k2 bonus from Void spent on school skills/share Void points with Kharmic Tie +8 pts (special)
Dark Paragon (Perfection) Once per session sacrifice 5 pts of Honor as a free action cause any one die of your choice on a skill roll to explode 5pts
Favor-Doji 5pts
Great Destiny (Fan of Command) Once per session, reduced to 1 Wound instead of dying while fan is displayed.
Kharmic Tie +1k1 to all attack rolls when fighting for or protecting Kharmic Tie 5 pts
Leadership Increase Ally’s Initiative during Reaction Stage 6 pts
Prodigy +1k0 to all school skill rolls 12 pts
Returned Spirit (Special)
Tactician Add or subtract 5 from the Mass Battle Chart 3 pts
Cast Out Monks will not aid Konitsu 1
Compulsion Offer common stones/rocks to Monks/Temples 4
Disbeliever Denies influence of Fortunes on Rokugan 3
Cursed by the Realms (Gaki-Do) Hungry Spirits seek to find and kill me
Failure of Bushido (Honesty) Must make free raise for no effect to tell truth 4
Nemesis Akodo Hitomi, cannot spend Void against each other
Obligation (Doji Seiyame) Arranged invitation to Topaz Championship for sister 6
Sworn Enemy Doji O

Way of the Daimyo (Warlord)

8pts to be spent on any features
1pt to be spent on Warlord features only
1pt to be spent on Master Sensei only


1000 Years of Steel Add ranks of High Skill (Sincerity) to Iajutsu or Kenjutsu rolls


Light Armor
Great Armor
Sturdy Clothing
War Fan of Command (+1 Rank to Battle Skill and grants Great Destiny when displayed.)
Travelling Pack
25 koku

From the Emerald Empire Book pp233

Chui is in charge of a Kaisha (Company)
- Company is a block of an army consisting of 7 Squadrons (each led by a Gunso)
- Command staff of Chui, direct Gunso (Hatamoto), 5 Staff Officers, 7 Gunso
- Each Squadron is a Guntai (20 soldiers)
Total: 153 people

Special Units of Scorpion (p235-236) Black Cabal, Crimson Legions, Bayushi Elite Guards, and Scorpion’s Strike


Bayushi konitsu


Konitsu ran through the bamboo grove as fast as he could, slapping aside leaves and leaping fallen trees. The Temple was not far, but he implored the water kami from the nearby stream to lend speed to his movements. Amigawa was going to be there, and young love knows not of patience, but is keenly aware of distance.

Konitsu had always felt a certain sensitivity to the spirits. Nothing quite as remarkable as the communion a shugenja felt, but more of a sense of being at peace with the elements around him. During his bushi training at his father’s dojo, this connection to his environment aided him often in knowing when to commit himself and when to hold back. More importantly, it helped him position others to his benefit. When Konitsu maneuvered an opponent to a specific spot of the training grounds, he was sure it was the earth kami who put the pebble under his foe’s foot that tripped him.

The low huts of the nearby village came into view, and Konitsu could already smell his love’s perfumed hair, no doubt carried to him by a friendly wind spirit. The bustle of the peasants as they thronged the streets parted for him and Konitsu smiled behind his mask at the aid of the water spirits no doubt living in the nearby well.

The Temple of Daikoku stood at the top of a small hill, and already those seeking favor of the Fortune of Prosperity stood in a line stretching down the hill. Amigawa had come here to give an offering for her family, but had sent word to Konitsu to meet her here and they would spend the day amidst the fields as lovers often do. Shocked faces held tightly to offers of protest as the samurai raced past those lower in station. Konitsu scanned the queue for Amigawa’s face as the hill seemed to smooth it’s rise to ease his passage.

Konitsu reached the top of the hill, an open wooden pavilion under which several tables stood in rows. Stacks of koku lined several of them while rice and other staples sat on others. One table even held small works of art, no doubt family treasures offered up to the fortune in hopes of greater returns. It was at this table that Konitsu found Amigawa as a large sohei roughly took a small jade statue of a koi from her. A small wiry bald monk sat on the other side of the table, yammering in a shrill voice and waving his hand dismissively at the girl.

“Come back tomorrow with something else! So small an offering may draw The Fortune’s attention, but not his blessing. Come back tomorrow with more and your family’s name will be added to the prayer list. Go. Now!”

The little monk had not even looked up at Amigawa as he placed the little jade statue carelessly atop a pile of similar offerings. The sohei placed his hand on Amigawa’s shoulder and gave her a rough shove to get her moving away from the table. The line of other visitors to the temple waiting lurched forward almost as one in greedy eagerness to complete their pilgrimage.

Amigawa rebounded from the forced movement back in front of the little monk seated across from her.

“It is all I have to offer! Please, my father has made…mistakes…with his wealth. We need Daikoku’s blessing to recover our wealth and honor!”

The desperation in Amigawa’s voice struck Konitsu like a blow. Her father had…? She had never spoken of it to him.


The monk did not even look up from his accounting as he said the name of the big sohei as if it were a command. A command which was instantly obeyed. Swifter than the eye could perceive, Kano had a hand full of Amigawa’s long perfumed hair and was dragging her by it to the edge of the pavilion where he flung her bodily from under it. The enforcer’s face was impassive, almost bored, as he walked back to the table shaking clumps of hair from his hand to the floor as he did so. Amigawa wailed in despair.

Konitsu had witnessed all of this as if he were in an awful dream. The dream had ended, and with a roar of anger he charged the one who had harmed his love. The sohei turned lazily to meet Konitsu’s reckless advance just as the young scorpion hit him. The impact barely moved the warrior monk but it did send Konitsu sprawling into the table knocking it and the Brother behind it over. The dreams and hopes offered to The Fortune scattered the floor in rhythm with the waiting pilgrims as they fled the pavilion amidst cries of blasphemy.

The little Brother rolled to his feet, rage playing across his features drawn there by the veins that bulged across it.

“You DARE? Little samurai, you have given great offense to the servants of Daikoku! Kano!!” screeched the monk. “Punish him!”

Muscled arms were upon Konitsu before he could even arise from the floor and propelled him to the temple grounds next to where Amigawa wailed, tears streaming down her face.

Konitsu never even got to raise a fist. The beating was brutal, and continued long after Konitsu had fallen limp. The pilgrims had fled the area, and the only sounds that remained were Amigawa’s sobbing and the staccato of increasingly wet impacts.

When at last Konitsu opened one purpled eye, Amigawa knelt over his prone form, her tears turning the blood on his kimono a washed out pink.

“I hate you. Why…WHY? That offering was my families last hope.” she said, her face contorted with grief.

Konitsu tried to form words with lips split asunder, but failed as his eye closed again and darkness claimed him.

It was the last time he ever saw Amigawa.

A year later, as he prepared to leave for the Topaz Championship, he overheard his father idly talking with some visiting samurai. The Governor had seized all of the assets, lands, and holdings of Amigawa’s family.

Bayushi Konitsu [Bobby Turman]

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