Ujina (Akodo) Unmei [former PC]

What price honor? Everything, and nothing.


(Akodo) Ujina Unmei [Lion]

Earth: 3
- Stamina: 3
- Willpower: 3

Water: 4
- Strength: 4
- Perception: 5

Fire: 3
- Agility: 3
- Intelligence: 3

Air: 4
- Reflexes: 4
- Awareness: 5

Void: 4

Insight: 253

– Akodo Bushi School 5, Lion Paragon [Alternate Path at Rank 3], Akodo Kensai [Alternate Path at Rank 4]
– Kolat Master (at Rank 6)

Honor: 6.2 (pending Honor Loss from breaking Akodo Blade)
Glory: 3.6
Status: 6 [Ujina Family Daimyo – Hare Clan] (Status 10 with Tiger Sect, Status 9 with all other Kolat)
Shadowlands Taint: 0.0

Advantages: Liar, Tactician, Precise Memory, Paragon: Sincerity, Social Position (Daimyo of the Ujina (Hare)), Allies
Disadvantages: Dark Secret, Cursed by Tengoku, Disbeliever, Disturbing Countenance

Usagi Tomoway (2/2)
Miromoto Utokan (1/1)
Hida Etsui (1/1)

Skills: Battle (Mass Combat, Crab Warfare) 8, Courtier 7 (Manipulation), Calligraphy (Cipher) 3, Defense 3, Etiquette 3, Iaijutsu (Assessment, Focus) 9, Kenjutsu (Katana) 8, Kyujutsu 1, Intimidation 4 (Control), Investigation 4, Lore: History 2, Lore: Heraldry 2, Lore: Kolat 3, Sincerity 5, Meditation 3

Other Notes
Tactician: +/- 5 on Mass Battle Table
Precise Memory: +1k1 to remember things
Forbidden Knowledge: +1k1 all Social Rolls with Kolat

Courtier: +2k0 from Kolat Master, +1k0 from Mastery
Intimidation: +2k0 from Kolat Master
Sincerity: +2k0 from Paragon, Free Raise from Liar
Iaijustu: Ranks 3, 5, & 7 Mastery Abilities
Battle: +8 to Initiative
Kenjustu: Ranks 3, 5, & 7 Mastery Abilities

All Social TN’s raised by 5 (Disturbing Countenance)
All Social TN’s raised by 5 with Shugenja and Monks (Disbeliever)
Within a temple all TN’s raised by 10 (Cursed by Tengoku)

Unmei retrieved fallen Ambition from the Imperial Throne Room after the defeat of Shoju, the Usurper.


Unmei is a driven young man. In all aspects of his life he seeks three things: knowledge, ability, and victory. At an early age he learned that words spoken in the court room can be as deadly as a sword on the field of battle, and so he has honed his mind to understand and subvert the subtle attacks and counteroffensives of the courtiers in their guile.

At his heart he is a soldier, born to lead the armies of the Lion to great victory. This is his belief and he has dedicated his life to achieving this goal. His single-minded pursuit of knowledge and capability in the art of war, both martial and political, has left him little time to develop real relationships with people. While others may see him as callous or insensitive to the wants and needs of others, they could never fault him for failing to perform his duty nor claim that his studies have not proven useful. He possesses a keen intellect and sharp awareness that have led him to earn accolades from his Akodo instructors. It does not bother him that others may consider him cold or uncaring. He has a destiny to fulfill, and anything less than total focus will bring failure.

Ujina (Akodo) Unmei [former PC]

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