Akodo Shotako

Matsu Trained Akodo Bushi


Akodo Shotako [Lion]

Air: 3
Earth: 3
Fire: 3
Agility: 4
Water: 3
Void: 4

School/Rank: Matsu Bushi 3
Insight: 191

Glory: 4.7
Status: 3.0 (Gunso)
Honor: 5.9

Advantages: Death Trance, Strength of the Earth (4 pts)
Disadvantages: Brash, Can’t Lie, Fascination (History), Idealistic, Sworn Enemy (Shosuro Atari)

Kata: Striking As Water

Skills: Athletics 2, Battle (Mass Combat) 5, Defense 4, Heavy Weapons 3, Jiujutsu 4, Kenjutsu (Katana) 6, Kyujutsu 3, Lore: History 2, Meditation 2

XP Spent Total/Leftover: 146/0


Shotako is a promising young student from the Akodo dojo at Shiro sano Ken Hayai, the Castle of the Swift Sword. She mixes the Ikoma’s fascination for history with the Matsu’s quickness to act. Her sensei believe that if she can learn to balance the two sides of her personality, she will become a great leader and hero. Time will tell if they are correct.

Akodo Shotako

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