Akodo Kage


Akodo Kage [Lion]

Air: 5
Awareness 7
Earth: 6
Fire: 4
Intelligence 6
Water: 4
Perception 7
Void: 4

Akodo Bushi 5/Kolat School 3

Glory: 7.2
Status: 7.3
Honor: 6.2 (1.2)*

Major Allies (many), Blackmail (many), Crafty, Leadership, Tactician

Dark Secret (Kolat Master), Dependents (Akodo Toturi, Matsu Hiroru), *Perceived Honor, Sworn Enemies (many)

Battle (Mass Combat) 7, Defense 6, Kenjutsu (Katana) 8, Kyujutsu 3, Lore: History 3, Sincerity (Deceit) 5, Athletics 3, Investigation 3, Lore: Theology 3, Acting 6, Commerce 6, Courtier (Manipulation, Rhetoric) 8, Etiquette 4, Jiujitsu 8 (Martial Arts), Intimidation 4, Lore: Bushido 5, Lore (Burning Sands) 3

Kage, son of a lesser lord in the Akodo house, was one of many children raised by a proud father and doting mother. He lived his childhood in the relative peace of the inner Lion lands and, when he came of age, was taken to the Akodo Bushi School to learn the ways of Bushido. He has always been considered a great asset to the Lion Clan, a strong warrior and a dedicated advocate of honor and the Code of the Warrior. At a young age, Kage proved adept at the physical arts. He quickly mastered kenjutsu, and soon became the _sempai _(senior student) to the most prestigious Master in the school. Kage served the Akodo in many wars, nobly accounted himself in the face of the enemy, and proved his courage and honor on the field of combat. In addition to the art of the blade, he studied numerous methods of hand-to-hand combat. Kage was considered a aster of such arts, and soon became a sensei in his own right teaching the youth of the Akodo family how to use their hands and feet in place of a sword. As a youth, Kage served in the personal guard of he Emperor, as well as the armies of the Akodo. From the beginning, he impressed his sensei so much that he entered the ranks as an officer, skipping many ranks due to his natural proficiency at arms. This earned Kage enemies, but he proved a fit commander to his men. Kage served in the armies of the Lion, rising through the ranks and commanding battalions of troops. He was asked to join the Imperial Guard by the Emperor himself. Once there, Kage distinguished himself in numerous battles, defended the Emperor’s son and family, and served as an Imperial Magistrate within the city of Otosan Uchi. One of Kage’s more unusual traits is his hermit-like nature. Although he i cheerful and pleasant, he rarely speaks his mind, and often practices what he calls ‘reclusive meditation’. This involves long journeys to the Phoenix mountains in order to soothe his restless soul and open his mind to the words of the Tao. His scholarship and ardent devotion to such matters has won him much admiration, and many nobles prefer to be placed under his capable care when they visit the City of the Emperor. Kage lived in Otosan Uchi as a young samurai, serving his daimyo and the Emperor, and learning much of strategy and the martial arts from other Magistrates. When he was thirty-two, he was invited to marry the Emperor’s cousin, a young maiden named Hantei Arumihime. The wedding was celebrated, and it was whispered that he would assume the throne if Hantei the 38th did not soon have an heir. Only five years afterwards, as Hantei’s new son celebrated his second birthday, Arumihime died of the plague. Kage was stricken with grief; he never remarried, and never had any children of his own. Shortly after his wife died, Kage turned his attentions to meditation and the study of the Tao. On one of his retreats to the Lion monastery, he learned that the boy the monks were raising was in fact the first son of the Lion Champion. After learning the boy’s story, Kage began to take more and more time to visit the monks and teach the boy the essentials of bushido and Kenjutsu. The two became close and Kage fostered the boy’s keen tactical insight even as he taught him the use of the blade. When Kage was called back to the Akodo lands, he asked the Champion to grant him a lifetime boon – a boon which can be asked only once in a lifetime. The boon was to return Toturi to the Akodo and allow him to continue under Kage’s tutelage. His boon was refused. Even when the old Champion died and his son Arasou became Champion of the Lion over Kage’s protests, Toturi did not return to his family lands. When Arasou died in battle against the Crane, the Akodo were forced to listen to Kage, and Toturi set foot in Shiro Akodo for the first time since his sixth birthday. Since then Kage has been revered as one of the most honorable men in the Akodo house. He also serves as the sensei to the next generation, training the most promising students and giving the Akodo the benefit of years of accumulated knowledge. He also serves as an ambassador for his clan on occasion. Three months before Arasou’s fateful attack on Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigasho, Kage visited the Crane in order to seek a peaceful solution to the encroaching war. Although battle was not averted, his efforts saved many lives, and Crane courtiers now call him the “Gentle Lion.” He was also instrumental in making peace with the Unicorn after a border skirmish led a small troop of Battle Maidens to ride off a cliff rather than die at the hands of marauding bandits. His council averted war, and he was given leave o withdraw the Lion troops who had invaded Unicorn lands while seeking the same group of bandits. Since that time, he has often visited the Unicorn lands, and is considered by many of the Shinjo to be a man of great wisdom and presence. Currently, his finest student is the younger brother of the Matsu daimyo, Matsu Hiroru. Hiroru is bold, audacious, and clever, and some Matsu say that his training under the Akodo has ruined what would have been a strong fighting man. Certainly, his lessons have done nothing for his attitude, and Kage seems loath to correct Hiroru’s arrogance on and off the dojo mats. Instead, Kage seems pleased that the young man has the confidence and security to apply his training so well, and favors Hiroru openly in competitions and festivals. Kage is not a dishonorable man, but he knows that sometimes the rules of bushido must be broken for the good of the clan. He is willing to bend these rules (as he once taught Hiroru to do), but deep inside, he knows that bushido keeps civilization in Rokugan alive. Without it, all would surely fall to ruin, and dark forces would take over the heart of the Empire. While has done things in his past that others may find questionable, Kage justifies them with the inner knowledge that what he has done is, in the final judgement, for the good of the Empire.

Akodo Kage

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