Legends of Rokugan


-Tadaka brokers an alliance between the Crane and the Mantis where the Mantis will forgive the debt owed to them by the Crane and join the Yasuki War in full force in favor of the Crane. In return the Crane Champion will be married to the Mantis Champion and will support the Mantis bid to reclaim Great Clan status.

-Tadaka has been fed information from Ujina Unmei that the twin sons of O-Ushi are being hidden in a fishing village outside of Yasuki Yashiki in return for an unknown favor.

-Tadaka’s Tsunami Legion is tasked with assaulting Kyuden Hida directly after an overnight march from Earthquake Fish Bay. The attack is part of a larger plan to trap the Crab forces and cut off the supply lines to their main front against the Crane.

-The Mantis are initially quite successful even breaching the gates of Kyuden Hida. Once the Crab are able to assess the new threat their far superior leadership and the inherent danger of the bastion’s internal defenses quickly overwhelms the Tsunami Legion and forces a full retreat back to the Mantis ships with heavy casualties from the Hida cavalry.

-At the same time Daidoji Uji assaults the main Crab force and the Crane are able to force the surrender and claim the Yasuki lands by force of arms. Something which even they did not believe possible. During the fighting O-Ushi is slain and Uji is himself mortally wounded and does not survive the night.

-Tadaka meanwhile shadows the village and plans a one man assault on the meager Crab forces. After nightfall he moves quickly among the Crab’s guards using plans provided by the Kolat. Hida Yasamura has taken responsibility for protecting his sons and is unaware of the attack until the hidden guards directly outside the hetman’s house where his sons are sleeping are killed.

-Yasamura knows he is no match for Tadaka but refuses to abandon his children and is killed. The hetman’s wife is left as the children’s only guard and commits jigai in shame. Tadaka asks which boy is Kuroda and the boy immediately steps forward and demands that his brother be released. Tadaka gives his word that Kuon will make it back to the Wall alive and murders Kuroda.

-The Crane feel cheated in the deal when Tadaka holds back himself, his family, and the People’s Legion troops led by his wife. They demand to amend the agreement and the Mantis accept quite displeased with Tadaka allowing his personal vendetta to cost so many of his own elite troops. Tadaka is unapologetic and is removed from command of the Tsunami Legion.

-The alliance is determined still valid and will be cemented with marriages between high ranking samurai of both clans but not the champions.


I like it. Perhaps Clan Daimyo? Tsuruchi and Asahina? Kakita Noritoshi and Moshi Wakiza?


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