Legends of Rokugan

The Topaz Contestants

Steel Empire: The Topaz Championship

Topaz Contestants

Topaz championship

Contestants by Clan


Hiruma Tsai, Pragmatist (Jeremiah Sager)


More detailed information for Tsai located on the Character page.

Yasuki Chizuru, Hida Bushi

Yasuki chizuru

Trained by a famous Crab Spirit in an old Hida Bushi style; a prominent Yasuki (Crab) supporter; famous for being an exemplary of the Hida School.

Known Skills/Abilities: Large, Fame (exemplary Hida), Brash, Phobia (Women – translates into an intense discomfort around most women)


Kakita Ichiro, Compassionate Duelist (Bobby Turman)

Kakita ichiro

More detailed information for Ichiro located on the Character page.

Daidoji Azusa, Iron Warrior

Daidoji azusa

Poor background/resourceful individual; intends to take the name Masashi in honor of Yasuki Masashi (the last Crane Yasuki daimyo; currently a Returned Spirit); loyal to the Yasuki who wish to return the family to the Crane; strong dislike for Kakita Ichiro (jealousy) because he believes (incorrectly) that Ichiro has had everything simply handed to him.

Known Skills/Abilities: Prodigy (Daidoji Iron Warrior), Driven (Return Yasuki to Crane), Obligation (Yasuki Masashi), Jealousy (Kakita Ichiro


Mirumoto Ichirou, Dragon Superstar (Kyle Carroll)

Mirumoto ichirou

More detailed information for Ichirou located on the Character page.

Tamori Hitoe, Tamori Shugenja

Tamori hitoe

Trained by Agasha Tamori himself; represents a new style of Dragon Shugenja; heavily overshadowed by Mirumoto Ichirou.

Known Skills/Abilities: Inner Gift (Spirit Touch), Magic Resistance, Obligation (Agasha Tamori)


Matsu Shotaku, Matsu Berserker

Matsu shotaku

The first (legitimate and known) son of Matsu Tadaka, Wrath of the Emperor and former Emerald Champion; traditionalist Matsu style taught by Gohei, Tadaka’s mother and others in the Matsu family.

Known Skills/Abilities: Large, Blissful Betrothal (Matsu Ketsui’s daughter), Blood of Osano-Wo; Obtuse

Ikoma Funakoshiko, Ikoma Bard

Ikoma funakoshiko  bard

Has Ikoma as an ancestor; focused on honoring the Living Ancestors (Returned Spirits) through Ikoma bard abilities (plays and storytelling); seems to know something of Ikoma Zai and Kakita Ichiro’s relationship (presumed); heavy focus on her ancestors (Ikoma especially), the love of hand-to-hand, a good tale and women (though she dabbles with men as well).

Known Skills/Abilities: Sensation, Hands of Stone; Bad Eyesight (squints a lot), Compulsion (women)


Isawa Tomoe, Isawa Shugenja

Isawa tomoe  isawa ujina uo and usagi tomoe s daughter

Mother was the Hare Champion Usagi Tomoe and father was the Elemental Master of Void, Isawa Ujina-uo; heavy focus on Water and Void magic; blessed by the Water spirits.

Known Skills/Abilities: Ishiken-do; Elemental Blessing (Water); Bitter Betrothal (Bayushi Asaemon)

Shiba Akane, Shiba Bushi

Shiba akane

Student of Isawa Akihito, Voice of the Elemental Masters; cold, calm, rational and disinterested in politics; on the track to become a Shiba Yojimbo and aspires to the Order of Chikai.

Known Skills/Abilities: Touched by the Void, Obtuse


Shosuro Yusuko, Infiltrator (Chris “Fritz” Drennan)

Shosuro yusuko  fritz

More detailed information for Yusuko located on the Character page.

Bayushi Asaemon, Bayushi Bushi

Bayushi asaemon  tricky duelist

Arrogant and tricky; sensei unknown.

Known Skills/Abilities: Insensitive, Infamous (Left-Handed/Tricky Duelist), Quick, Crafty

Soshi Rei, Bayushi Courtier

Soshi rei  hidden actress

Appears to be a junshin courtier, happy and cheerful; wears uplifting Kabuki makeup in whites, reds, and blues; easy to like; from Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Known Skills/Abilities: Crafty, Allies, Darling of the Court (Ryoko Owari Toshi), Soul of Artistry; Fascination (Secrets), Obligation (??)


Moto Jinn-Sahn, Moto Bushi

Moto jin sahn

Proponent of the new Unicorn (Gaijin based) tradition; opposed to the old Shinjo style; worshiper of the Shi-Tien Yen Wang (Ten Gods of Death); dispassionate until in combat, then aggressive, unfettered and wild.

Known Skills/Abilities: Gaijin Gear (spyglass), Large, Dark Paragon: Strength; Anti-Social, Haunted (Moto Death Priest)

Utaku Kaori, Utaku Bushi (Battle Maiden)

Utaku kaori

Traditionalist in the Battle Maiden school; trained under current and old Battle Maiden sensei and is present with a former Utaku Sensei (Returned Spirit) from 200 years ago named Utaku Martera.

Known Skills/Abilities: Dangerous Beauty, Benten’s Blessing; Cursed by the Realm (Maigo no Musha)


Yoritomo O-Koishikawa (The Great Koishikawa), Mantis Bushi

Yoritomo o koishikawa

Frustrated youth who believes that the Hantei has robbed his clan of its true glory; seeks to prove that Yoritomo’s style is better than every other and holds an obvious distaste for Returned Spirits in general.

Known Skills/Abilities: Disbeliever (in the Hantei legitimacy), Driven (prov Mantis Worth)

Toturi Tokumi, Wolf (Monkey) Bushi

Toturi tokumi  wolf

A member of the Wolf Clan (created by the Legion of Two Thousand and remnants of Toturi’s Army; took the name of Toku in honor of his memory and contributions during the Clan War; poor and relatively mercenary in style; excellent yojimbo qualities.

Known Skills/Abilities: Luck (2), Virtuous; Small, Obligation (Atari Goshiu) 6

Otomo Kuizuka, Seppun Bushi

Otomo kuizuka  hantei s favored

Favored of the Hantei; brutal, harsh, and bullish; maintains the superiority of the Imperial line over all others.

Known Skills/Abilities: Sacrosanct, Failure of Bushido: Courtesy



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