Legends of Rokugan

The Emerald Champion (Player Created)

The Emerald Champion (Player Controlled Content)

Emerald champion

This is a test of the Player Controlled Content Broadcast System.

It is very likely that within a short amount of game time, the current Emerald Champion will no longer be in the position and the vital role will be vacant. I have discussed with the players previously about the idea of wanting to have more player input on the parts of the Meta-Plot that I do not immediately need to be in control of and this will be our first opportunity to test out the idea.

In order for this to function, I am going to request that all players make 1 or 2 suggestions for ANY NPC (not their current character!) to step up and be invited to the Test of the Emerald Champion. I will also provide a few NPCs that I think would be good/interesting for the position as well. If you like one of my choices, you can “take it” by telling me you want it and I will change it to “you choice” (see below for why this is important).

I need every player to suggest a good, random way for us to determine who the winner is (no playing cards; it wouldn’t be fair or balanced).

Whoever suggested the winner will be responsible for coming up with some backstory for how that NPC succeeded against his opponents, some detail about the NPC (as much or as little as you like), and some detail about how that NPC will function in the role. For example, if my Scoprion choice: Bayushi Kwanchai, wins, it will likely be emphasized that he relies entirely upon luck and wild abandon in his style. I will draw up a backstory as to how he succeeded and, given the current political climate in the game (the Scorpion are ascendant in the courts and favored) he will likely be a pawn of the Scorpion Champion and/or Shosuro Furuyari or pulled between the two.

A Karma point will be awarded to the Player who wins the choice IF, and only IF, they write up a detailed backstory and forward planning information.

Without further ado, the current suggestions:

The Emerald Championship Contestants

None as yet

(Chris Hand) Yasuki (Daidoji) Hachi – manipulated into the role by Hantei Hoketuhime, Imperial Consort

(Bobby Turman) Bayushi Kwanchai – Dark Sword of Bitter Lies
(Bobby Turman) Bayushi Sunetra – Student of Bayushi Yojiro

(Chris Hand) Shinjo Usuia – current First Magistrate (the hatamoto to the Emerald Champion) placed there in part by Atari and Isawa Ujina-uo during the Winter Court prior to the Scorpion Clan Coup
(Jason Weeks) Shinjo Shono
(Jason Weeks) Horiuchi Senai

(Kyle Carroll) Toturi Dairya (“Smile” – I forget his real name) (Wolf) – Duelist from Toturi’s Army
(Kyle Carroll) Yoritomo Tako (1st son of Matsu Tadaka – brother to Matsu Shotaku of the Lion)

GM Suggestion for Randomness:
Find a way to randomly roll for the Top 4 then roll randomly between the Top 4, then Top 2.

Considering brackets with rolls for the Showdown.

The Brackets

The Brackets were randomly determined (I had some people throw out numbers as they were sitting around the table – Jenn and Lindsey participated).

For anyone that is not aware of how I am doing this system, I will reiterate below. Each Contestant chosen has their player’s name beside it. Remember that the winner will be responsible for writing up the story about how that person won and what they will do in the game given the overall story. I eliminated two of my choices to make the bracket have 8 people.

Each player is given 20k20 for each character they have chosen. You will assign the dice breakdown for each round before rolling and unaware of other player’s choice of amount of dice. The GM controlled players (Usuia and Hachi) will use 6k6 Round 1, 7k7 Round 2, 7k7 Round 3.

Each person will roll anonymously and I will list the breakdown after the fact. 10’s explode, no one gets Emphases (no rerolling 1’s).

Contestants (Player)
Bayushi Kwanchai (Bobby)
Bayushi Sunetra (Bobby)
Yasuki (Daidoji) Hachi (Chris)
Shinjo Usuia (Chris)
Shinjo Shono (Jason)
Horiuchi Senai (Jason)
Toturi Dairya “Smile” (Kyle)
Yoritomo Tako (Kyle)

Round 1
—> Horiuchi Senai vs. Bayushi Sunetra (Roll: ## vs. ##)
—> Toturi Dairya vs. Bayushi Kwanchai (Roll: ## vs. ##)
—> Yoritomo Tako vs. Shinjo Shono (Roll: ## vs. ##)
—> Shinjo Usuia vs. Yasuki Hachi (Roll: ## vs. ##)

Round 2
—> (Senai/Sunetra) vs. (Dairya/Kwanchai) (Roll: ## vs. ##)
—> (Tako/Shono) vs. (Usuia/Hachi) (Roll: ## vs. ##)

Round 3
—> (Senai/Sunetra/Dairya/Kwanchai) vs. (Tako/Shono/Usuia/Hachi) (Roll: ## vs. ##)

Roger baker   emerald champion

Apparently, when you Google Emerald Champion, this guy (Mr. Roger Baker) shows up as well. Food for thought.


That + Japanese = Tadaka

Goddamn my dick is hard.


My two picks are Toturi Dairya and Yoritomo Tako.


Yoritomo Tako being Tadaka? or is that the son? Goddamit, I keep getting this crap mixed up.


Bayushi Kwanchai or Bayushi Sunetra.

Random determination: bracket advancemnet by pairs. Each contestant starts with 6k3, highest roll wins. Each bracket advanced adds 1k1 to pool. Last man standing.


Shinjo Shono and Horiuchi Senai


“Everybody want to get big, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy ass weight”. – Ronnie Coleman



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