Legends of Rokugan

Shosuro Yusuko - Downtime and Interlude

Character Interlude and Downtime Roleplay

Mon scorpion

This page of the Adventure log is specifically dedicated to the character listed in its title. I will post a beginning story as an interlude or other downtime scenario and we will run the entire thing out through the Obsidian Portal. The affects of story that occur within this Adventure Log will be seen in the game primarily as shifting on the Favor Chart and benefits/penalties to certain aspects of the game.

In order to encourage interaction and self-promotion (meaning: you post something YOU want to have happen and “I” respond instead of the other way around) I will reward anyone who responds out of character to a post with 1 experience. Anyone that responds IN-CHARACTER will receive 3 experience. Note that I will only give this experience bonus after each major interaction; if you simply respond in small ways to the same thing five times you will only get the XP once. :)

Shosuro Yusuko, the Liar

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy [4 Feb 2013]

A Ciphered Script [Written in Shosuro Cipher; TN 45 to read for anyone else whose hands it falls into]

Servant of the Emperor. We request your assistance regarding your current lord. We wish to know his habits and his weaknesses, so that we may play upon them in the future. Provide us with detailed information and your standing within this city will rise through our favor. Fail to do so and you may witness the powers of a well-oiled rumor mill.

Master of the Dojo of Lies

React [18 Feb 2013]


The requested materials should be no problem to obtain. I am sure the merchants under my supervision can provide them with no troubles. My Lord will be most pleased that I have found a buyer for the goods we have to offer.

Shosuro Yusuko



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