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Mirumoto Miyoto - Downtime and Interlude

Character Interlude and Downtime Roleplay

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This page of the Adventure log is specifically dedicated to the character listed in its title. I will post a beginning story as an interlude or other downtime scenario and we will run the entire thing out through the Obsidian Portal. The affects of story that occur within this Adventure Log will be seen in the game primarily as shifting on the Favor Chart and benefits/penalties to certain aspects of the game.

In order to encourage interaction and self-promotion (meaning: you post something YOU want to have happen and “I” respond instead of the other way around) I will reward anyone who responds out of character to a post with 1 experience. Anyone that responds IN-CHARACTER will receive 3 experience. Note that I will only give this experience bonus after each major interaction; if you simply respond in small ways to the same thing five times you will only get the XP once. :)

Mirumoto Miyoto, the Superstar

Note: I will try to write most of these “in character” or in a story format. I’m just trying to kick them off right now with C/F/S style commentary to get things moving.

The Old Woman [4 Feb 2013]


  • Mirumoto Miyoto is coming back from an encounter with Ide Kimi, wife of the Unicorn delegate leader (Ide Nakatada from the original Ryoko Owari book). Kimi is a cousin to the current Shosuro Governor, but is not held in favor with the Scorpion of the city for her “betrayal” of the Clan to the Unicorn. Kimi is seeking a staunch ally within the city and has offered to bribe Mirumoto Miyoto as the Hatamoto the the Emerald Magistrate with an information source in the Unicorn in return for a stipend of his wealth. [Mechanically, this will reflect as 2 points of your wealth for a year missing in return for minor favors].


  • On the way back from the Ide Palace, Miyoto decides to visit the famed Shosuro Bath House of the city – the gaijin incense of the Unicorn estate has saturated his clothing and skin. When he arrives in the bathhouse, Miyoto hears a major commotion in the front waiting area where an old courtier woman is arguing with the proprietor saying such things as: “Do you understand who I am, young man! You cannot THINK to charge the great Kakita Dejiko, famed artisan of the Torumoru style of Tea Ceremony to enter your house of business! Why, I have often been PAID simply to arrive at a location.” The woman is clearly upset and on the verge of breaking down in the middle of the public Scorpion house.


  • Mirumoto Miyoto will recognize the name of Dejiko as the owner of the Kakita Blade (Snowflake) that he carries AND as the grandmother of Kakita Sasuke. Obviously, she has slipped her attendant and is currently having one of her “episodes” [Curse of Lord Moon]. She believes she is thirty years younger and in the middle of a more honorable city. She is confused and upset [think Alzheimer’s] and will likely disgrace Kakita Sasuke with her antics. However, if Miyoto attempts to intervene, it is a surety that she WILL recognize her blade on his hip and that may cause a further issue.

React. Simply add in the flavor text below.

Reaction [Date]

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Dejiko. Sasuke’s grandmother had shown herself at last. And this “showing” could quickly turn sour.

Miyoto would disarm the situation. Sasuke had balked at Miyoto’s attempts to forge bonds of alliance. But he would soon learn that he could not afford to lose Miyoto as an ally. And certainly could not afford him as an ally.

Discretion would be best. Miyoto waved for an attendant.

A young boy of 8 or 10 knelt by the pool where Miyoto soaked. “Hai, Oyabun!”

“This woman at the front is not to be interfered with.” Miyoto commanded “Fetch your Master. Tell him that this woman is to be treated as an honored guest of Oni no Wobanshu.”

“Hai Sama!” The boy replied and stood to run as Miyoto added “And have that girl show her to the baths without delay. My estate shall cover any cost.”

“Hai Sama!” The boy bowed and scattered away. Miyoto was becoming quite used to having his commands obeyed. Leadership suited him.


“Hai Sama!” The boy bowed and scattered away. Miyoto was becoming quite used to having his commands obeyed. Leadership suited him.


I.K. troubled him. She had nothing to offer him, but had seen the wisdom in seeking his aid. He could not leave an ally to flounder and die. Not if he could raise them, make them strong, and make them his.

No the Ide would have the wealth and power she needed. And she would have much more. And Miyoto would own her. He would give her what she asked. But he would do his work and the influence of her husband would rise with Miyoto’s own. They would become a powerful set of underlings.


What, specifically, will miyoto do with Ide Kimi?


I’ll figure that out later


The day after the Governor’s Ball Miyoto commissions the poet Basho to write and deliver a poem to Shosuro Iotomi.

Kafabe, a peasant courier, delivers the message. If pressed for details all he knows is that he was paid three times his standard rate by a man, either a samurai or a wealthy merchant, wearing a basket hat. He was to deliver the message to the governor’s estate intended for the emperor.

A Poetry/Intelligence roll with a TN of 30 will identify subtle signs of Basho’s style.

The wind brushed my skin
Felt like your caress, so divineā€¦
Aching for your touch


*Ayatomi – You trying to seduce the Governor?

Let me know the rolls regarding the Lore you wished to learn, as well.


Ayatomi then.

Furuyari was just anything i could learn.

Ayatomi i was looking for information about her personally not as governor.

The others i was just looking for Builder and the poet i mentioned.


AMiyoto meets with Shosuro Yasuko privately.

Miyoto feels that Shosuro Furuyari’s intentions are detrimental to Ryoko Owari. Miyoto intends to deal with Furuyari qwickly, questly, and finally. Miyoto asks for Yasuko’s assistance in gathering informationabout Furuyari


Quickly and quietly. Stupid phone


Miyoto meets with the Governor and reveals both the events in Otosan Uchi and Furuyari’s betrayal. Miyoto declares that he will not support Furuyari and will work behind the scenes to limit his influence.

Miyoto will refuse to back either side in force at least publicly. As such Miyoto must insist that the “taxes” on opium smuggling resume.


Miyoto also tell Yasuko about the attack in Otosan Uchi.



I will let Fritz chime in on the situation with Furuyari.

- Furuyari: learn that the name has been used throughout Scorpion history by numerous playwrights; learn that Furuyari maintains a very personal home in the Temple Quarter where he rarely receives visitors; learn that many of his visitors are from numerous Clans and families.

- Governor: learns that the Governor has dozens of rumors that point to her being exceptionally focused on maintaining Order within the city (Driven: Order in Ryoko Owari); the Governor has a personal history with Scorpion Artisans (specifically Actors) and often receives them at her Estate (her personal attendant, Kiyatomi, is a renowned Actress – the one that was a the Topaz Championship); the Governor is rumored to dislike Returned Spirits, in general, but this rumor may be focused on Furuyari

- Builder – no unusual rumors or information to be had except that he runs the most sought after carpenter business in the City and that he is considered to be quite honorable, for a peasant.

- The poet, Basho: you can learn pretty much what you wish from this individual; if you want, just make up basic information as an NPC

Regarding allying with the Governor, I would like to do a quick RP scene between you and her if you are going to “give up” Furuyari. We will run it next game. Let me know if you want it to include Shosuro Yusuko as well, or just a private meeting.

I can say that if you are serious about “taking down” Furuyari, the Governor will be on board, though she may wish to be … behind the scenes. Probably backing Yusuko, if she is openly on board.

Special Note: If you begin a war with Furuyari, he will bring the pain. It will be fun!


I will initially meet with the governor privately. I don’t want Yasuko to know too much about the larger plan too soon.



Shosuro Furuyari has no love for the current status-quo, and his own intentions are quite alarming. A Bayushi ruling in a Shosuro province is not something we wish. I also feel there is more to this power struggle. He would not involve himself if there were not larger gains for himself. Any assiastance I can give I will gladly offer.


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