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Kakita Sasuke - Downtime and Interlude

Character Interlude and Downtime Roleplay

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This page of the Adventure log is specifically dedicated to the character listed in its title. I will post a beginning story as an interlude or other downtime scenario and we will run the entire thing out through the Obsidian Portal. The affects of story that occur within this Adventure Log will be seen in the game primarily as shifting on the Favor Chart and benefits/penalties to certain aspects of the game.

In order to encourage interaction and self-promotion (meaning: you post something YOU want to have happen and “I” respond instead of the other way around) I will reward anyone who responds out of character to a post with 1 experience. Anyone that responds IN-CHARACTER will receive 3 experience. Note that I will only give this experience bonus after each major interaction; if you simply respond in small ways to the same thing five times you will only get the XP once. :)

Kakita Sasuke, the Duelist

A Matter of Honor [4 Feb 2013]

  • A Letter written in the finest script, so flowing as to almost be considered Ciphered (Calligraphy TN 20 to read). The paper is of expensive quality, the ink obviously rare, and the chop dusted with gold.

Most Honorable Kakita,

My name is Ikoma Yoriko. Considering your relative youth and inexperience with the City of Stories, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you do not know me by reputation. I am the ranking Lion delegate within the walls of this city and I have been for close to two decades. Upon matters of honor, I am beyond reproach and am often asked to mediate matters of dispute regarding Bushido between samurai within our walls. I consider this to be my home as much as my former lands and I treat my position with utmost respect.

I contact you because I have been told that you are of exceptional honor, that you come from prestigious heritage, and that you wield a blade out of history and time. I find that I must prey upon your honor as a samurai and Crane regarding two situations that have been brought to my attention.

First, an associate of mine, Kitsu Awatengu, is an expert in matters related to the history of blades. In fact, Awatengu has identified the heritage of numerous lost weapons by speaking to the souls associated with their heritage. Awatengu heard through visiting members of his family that attended the Topaz Championship that you carry a blade of such note. He requests that I ask if he may spend time with you in tea at my residence examining the blade.

Second, a second associate of mine, a Matsu Duelist of some renown, has just recently arrived within the walls of the City of Stories. He is a distant descendant of Matsu Shigeko, a Returned Spirit of some note living in Toshi Ranbo. My duelist friend has requested that he be given the opportunity so serve upon the staff of the Emerald Magistrate of the city in the capacity of yojimbo, protector, doshin, or simple guard. He wishes to add the honor of serving the Imperial Line to his record and I have offered him my support in claiming that truly honorable rank.

Please consider both requests and send a letter stating when you will be by my estate to discuss the matter. I will consider it a great honor and favor if you are willing to abide by both. There is no dishonor for refusal, but I must express in advance my disappointment if that ends up the case.

Your Honorable Ally,
Ikoma Yoriko

[Note: Yoriko is in the City of Stories book.]

React [Feb 7]

A scroll arrives for Ikoma Yoriko. Turning it over in his hands, the Ikoma noted that the paper was of fine, though not uncommon quality. A slight frown creased the Lion’s features. He would have thought a samurai of Sasuke’s heritage could have afforded better. A pale blue ribbon trimmed with white bound the scroll, embroidered with Sasuke’s personal chop. That, at least, was a fitting touch. Pulling the ends of the ribbon outward, the scroll unfurled. Yoriko’s eyes briefly scanned the missive before giving it a more serious reading. The calligraphy was acceptable, but unremarkable. Yoriko’s frown deepened just slightly.

_"Ikoma Yoriko-sama,

I would be exceptionally remiss in not making the aquaintance of one whose honor soars higher than the boldest falcon. I am indeed newly come to Ryoko Owari-Toshi, and an audience with one so highly placed within it’s walls is an honor unto itself. I look forward to receiving details of the mediations you have judged and learning how honor is truly achieved. Of the two matters you have specifically adressed…

On the matter of the first, I would very much enjoy sharing tea with yourself and the august Kitsu Awatengu. I would be most interested in hearing any information his talents might coax from the blade.

On the matter of the second, I am currently seeking the employ of many skilled bushi for a variety of positions within the scope of the Emerald Magistrate’s dealings. Please arrange for him to come to the gates of the magistrate’s compound in the morning one week from now and I will speak with him concerning potential duties and have him meet my Hatamoto.

I have been injured in a duel yesterday fought in the name of the Emerald Magistrate’s business, and I would prefer not to come to your home in less than proper form. If it pleases you, Yoriko-sama, I will call upon you at sunset three days from now.

Your honorable ally,

Kakita Sasuke"_


Quick notes: Yoriko is female. In the ryoko owari book. The rest will be resolved as we go. The Matsu will come to the estate to speak with you. Will send basic notes and let you write it out. If you have anything let me know.


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