Legends of Rokugan

Into the Fire

“Just wrap it, find my uncle!” Mirumoto Ichirou screamed to the Asahina healers tending to him.

Ichirou was angry. These so called samurai were filth. He had been in the city of Tsuma for just less than two days. Already he had been propositioned for an assassination and been assaulted by criminals.

But still, Ichirou had his charge. He was to win the Test of the Topaz Champion. And none so far had challenged him. The weapons test had been a farce. Nothing so much as a common bloodsport. Ichirou had beaten the Otomo handily but Otadaka had awarded Kuizuku the point.

No matter Ichirou would overcome everyone in the iaijutsu tournament. And he must maintain his On as an example for his brothers.

The artisan test now concerned him and tge plan must be changed. Father will not be happy, but the Emperor would not accept a poetry reading. No matter how fine.

There was a Yasuki in the tournament. Doubtless one of his family would find what he needed. Ichirou had seen hawks flying in tge training fields yesterday.

These worms know nothing of Bushido.



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