Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - Winter Petals Fall, Part V


Winter Flight

Winter Court

Game: 22
Players: Jason (absent), Logan, Bobby, Fritz (absent), Lindsey (in absentia)
Date: 13 APR 2014

1173, Last Year in the Reign of Emperor Tadaka I
Court of the Iron Flower

White Flight (or This Neighborhood Has Gone to Shit!)

In the aftermath of the spiritual assault on Shinden Emma-O, a number of courtiers choose to flee north to Kitsu lands instead of staying behind in Kyuden Kurogane Hana. These individuals have chosen to face the dangers of winter travel and the possibility of assault by the Han Shan Otokodate because they believe the dangers of Kyuden Kurogane Hana are far too great.

Daimyo Rikishi orders Bayushi Konitsu as head of his guard to go with the courtiers and mobilize a protection force to take with them. Daidoji Ishi is also ordered to deliver the Reforged Spear of Death to the Kitsu daimyo for protection. Otomo Takashi is the mobilizing force behind the decision to leave, but is aided by the ill will of Doji Mikohime (O) who has arranged to be married in secret to Bayushi Konitsu by the Lion daimyo when they arrive. The Lion have decided that they do not wish the Imperial Daughter (Eideiyohime) to marry a Scorpion and potentially solidify any hold on the region.

Prominent People Leaving: Otomo Takashi; Doji Mikohime (O) orders the Crane to go as well to include Doji Seiyami, Kakita Natsune, Kakita Amika, and others; Ikoma Jidai volunteers as protection; Ikoma Kazue decides to leave because she cannot stand the haunting of the place; Ide Hito, ATari Damare and about 30 other courtiers of low rank are also present.

Bayushi Kiwadoi, the Emerald Magistrate, is placed in charge of the military forces by Konitsu prior to his departure.

Hair is Overrated

Daidoji Ishi felt the call of the new and unconfirmed Fortune of Death, Kowareta (the former boy Omaru – a living and awakened nemuranai spirit). Ishi gave up his service to the Crane and vowed to serve the Lord of Meifumado instead in order to protect the Reforged Spear. He entered Shinden Emma-O and ventured down in the bowels of the Temple in order to proceed with the Rites of Retirement. He shaved his topknot and head and proclaimed himself Roshugan, Monk of Kowareta, the Lord of Meifumado and has been told he is/will be the Avatar of Meifumado.

As the new monk Roshugan was departing the Temple he was ambushed by Asako Souro, the brainwashed False Henshin who was under control of Zenshin. This revealed that Zenshin is still able to affect events from within Meifumado and that he may be in a dangerous position in Meidol The Spear awakened completely and Roshugan defeated attempts at pulling both he and the Spear into Meido.

Additionally, Miya Santomu has made plans to prevent outside influence on the Temple of Emma-O. He has proclaimed his retirement due at the end of Winter Court (so he can continue to be influential until winter is over). He has gained permission from Daimyo Rikishi to become the new Abbot of Emma-O in the Shinden.

Known Qualities of the Spear of Death (Kowareta)
- 3k3 DR
- Awakened; Radiant
- Stores a portion of each spirit slain with the weapon. Each person killed grants a Free Raise that can be used up at any time.
- Other properties are currently unknown.

Shotgun Wedding and Other

Bayushi Konitsu has requested from Ikoma Jun that the Lion herald of the Emperor’s daughter try to convince her to sacrifice some portion of her honor in order to arrange a secret marriage upon his return. Konitsu implied his group may not make it to Shiro Kitsu, but that Doji O would return alive. He wants the Imperial Daughter to use her influence to arrange the marriage and then defend herself in duel against Doji O.

The Ambush Everyone Expected and the One No One Saw Coming!

Bayushi Konitsu only brought 25 men (a guntai) along with the courtiers for defense with the stated belief that he could protect everyone present and that the Kyuden must be defended. In fact, he sent out a full three other guntai (about 75-100 men) to dress as ronin and hide within the forest in order to ambush the group and potentially assassinate certain rivals.

Just prior to the upcoming events, Otomo Takashi chose to use his influence in order to force Konitsu to take a faster path. The Otomo had caught wind of something “in the works” by the Scorpion and sought to remove any dealings and plans. Konitsu outright refused and the two engaged in heated political debate (wherein Konitsu lost -5 Honor to the Otomo Techniques). In the end, Kakita Amika, Kenshinzen and ally of Doji O, stepped up to defend the honor of Otomo Takashi. Konitsu surprised everyone present by denying her the ability to enter Iaijutsu and made a swift Iaido attack (losing more honor and gaining Infamy for the act). The courtiers were so surprised at the brash and blatant illegality that everyone, including Takashi, grew silent and obeyed Konitsu’s commands.

Ikoma Jidai, ally of Doji Mikohime and Hiruma Iniko and general hater of Ikoma Jun used his scouting ability to maneuver ahead of Konitsu’s group. As they neared the region of Konitsu’s expected ambush, however, they came across a most unusual sight. At the edge of a forest line near the beginning of the lowland foothills, snow covered the ground and shadows hid enemies within the forest. Ikoma Jidai was found in the middle of the roadway tied to a massive pole, beaten and bloody, near-death. As soon as a man went to investigate, arrows from the woodline silenced him.

The Han Shan Otokodate leader, Oroku Saki, stepped from the illusions of the woodline and called out Bayushi Konitsu. At first, her words made no sense as she seemingly babbled about history and Konitsu’s past. As they discuss, others realize that Jidai is also an illusion and that the Otokodate are placing themselves in a position of ambush around the guntai. Konitsu’s legionnaires move on their own in order to counter the ronin while their general spoke.

Finally, Oroku Saki floored Konitsu emotionally by revealing her identity: she is Amigawa, a young girl he had known from early days who fled him at the location of a temple (see Konitsu’s background). Amigawa further revealed her zealot nature as having come from her adoptive father: Zenshin. She bore tattoos, ofuda scripts hanging from her clothes, and symbols etched into every inch of her clothing all pious prayers to the Fortunes. She is the Zealot of the Cold Mountain.

For a short time the Taisa Konitsu broke down in an emotional display. Amigawa attempted to convince her former love that he should rejoin her and serve with Zenshin as the Rikugunshokan of the Army of Meifumado. She suggested that a huge battle would be coming for the very Heart of Rokugan and that Zenshin was on the side of the Champion of Toshigoku, Zansatsu.

In the end, despite his emotional desire to join with Amigawa and the promise of a position of great power and glory, Konitsu replaced his mask and rejoined his men. Jidai’s illusion vanished after a brief confrontation with Roshugan and the Spear wherein he lost his right hand. Amigawa/Oroku Saki informed the Scorpion that she could no longer protect him. However, Konitsu’s men had used the time during the exchange to send out runners to signal their other group to come to their aid.


This game ended with the beginnings of a Mass Battle with multiple sides. Amigawa’s men, Konitsu and the Courtiers, and Konitsu’s “ronin force” will all clash together. At first, Amigawa outnumbers Konitsu by a significant amount (in the First Round of the Mass Battle). Later rounds will see the arrival of his reinforcements.

Konitsu’s Army
Total: 2 Kaisha (Company) of approx 153 soldiers each (~306 individuals)
- Kaisha One: Loyal Scorpion and handpicked soldiers
- Kaisha Two: Primarily Lion Imperial Legionnaires who served under Matsu Hotaru

- 1/3 of the Loyal Kaisha (Kaisha One) are left behind at Shinden Emma-O for protection
- All of Kaisha Two are left behind at the Kyuden to defend the City
- Roughly 25 men (a guntai) are with Konitsu and the Courtiers
- The other 75 men (3 Guntai) are in the process of “ambushing” Konitsu and his men

Amigawa/Oroku Saki – Han Shan Otokodate Army
Total: Unknown as most are hidden in the woodline

- XP 8



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