Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - Winter Petals Fall, Part IV


Forging Meifumado, Land of the Dead

Winter Court

Game: 21
Players: Jason, Logan, Bobby (absent), Fritz (absent), Lindsey (absentia)
Date: 13 APR 2014

1173, Last Year in the Reign of Emperor Tadaka I

Mystery and Revelation

Amid the politics of court, Daidoji Ishi visits deep within the bowels of Shinden Emma-O to discover a strange occurrence. The Temple is bleeding over remnants of Meido and taking on aspects of that realm. More notably, as he ventured to the darkest portion of the temple – the hidden room where the bleed of Meido is strongest – Ishi discovered the former Yogo Amira (Oshi) dead. Over her body the boy who was once Omaru stood tall as a man aged well into adulthood. In his hands was the reforged Broken Spear.

“I am all that is left of him. She gave herself so that I might be reborn. I am Kowareta, the Broken."

Ishi interacted with the reincarnated Emma-O, the boy who was once a nemuranai spirit, and was asked to become the Avatar of the forging realm, Meifumado. In order to begin the process, Ishi sacrificed himself as the final link to send Kowareta back to Meido.

Court Proceedings

As Ishi lay dying the Winter Court proceeded with the banality of political life. Ikoma Jun won another match in the Sumai against Moshi Kameyo (who attempted to cheat utilizing earth magic and his inner bear spirit). Otomo Takashi announced that the next day would hold the beginning of the Marriage Arrangement contests. Atari Damare self-invited to Jun’s next “Midnight Court” and Jun interacted with the Bat Clan Champion, Komori. The Bat Lord revealed to Jun a connection between Seto Mori and the Island of Lost Wilderness (Bat Lands). He believed that a spiritual connection between the two domains might make it possible to transport between each forest.

All Praise Dead Children

Ikoma Jun and most of the other spiritually inclined members of the Winter Court found themselves drawn to Shinden Emma-O where they discovered the body of Daidoji Ishi curled and fetal, dying of a gut wound from the Reforged Spear. The shugenja gathered around his form and decided that they must band together to retrieve his soul from the bounds of Meido certain that if he were to be lost forever then Ningen-Do would be in terrible danger.

During the process the shugenja became aware of the Rise of the Champion of Slaughter, Zansatsu, the absence of Emma-O (banished or bound by Zenshin, the Heretic of Death), and the return of the various Spirit Realms to a more primordial existence (see Secrets of the Empire Spirit Realms section on the old Spirit Realms from 1st Edition).

Meifumado, Land of the Dead, holds Meido at its center and other Spirit Realms have begun to bleed through their barriers to share its domain. Toshigoku, Realm of Slaughter; Gaki-Do, Realm of Hungry Ghosts; Yomi, Realm of Blessed Ancestors; and Jigoku, Realm of Evil. The shugenja formed a ritualistic circle and sent Ikoma Jun into Meido to aid Ishi in his battle against the servants of those other realms. Asahina Eiko sacrificed herself in the spell’s creation in order to open the way for Jun.

Jun and Ishi defeated Tsuno of Toshigoku and a Jimen no Oni of Jigoku before being confronted by a spirit of Yomi. Akodo Kenburo, the Emerald Butcher, demanded the Reforged Spear be given to the spirits of Yomi to do battle with the other realms. Instead, Jun and Ishi banished the Lion and forged a way back into Ningen-Do.

Upon returning, the duo discovered that Asako Souro had been coopted and turned into an assassin, killing Moto Gadal and severely wounding many of the other shugenja before being brought low. Ishi and Jun bound the False Henshin in chains and threw him into the Temple. It was discovered that the spirit of the Heretic monk Zenshin was possessing the Asako via a nemuranai – a set of mystical prayer beads. Ishi commandeered the necklace and the duo bound Zenshin back to Meido…though the monk did not seem entirely upset about being sent back to that domain.

Daidoji Ishi was gifted with the Reforged Spear of Emma-O and proclaimed as servant of Kowareta, Lord of the Dead. Ishi is destined to become Avatar of Meifumado if he survives to see its creation. Tadaka Eideiyohime had this to say: "This Kyuden is chaos, uncontrolled and dangerous…in its most elemental form.”

+8 XP
- Karma Point (Jun)



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