Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - Winter Petals Fall, Part III


The Dead Matsu Hotaru

Winter Court

Game: 20
Players: Jason, Logan, Bobby, Fritz, Lindsey
Date: 16 MAR 2014

1173, Last Year in the Reign of Emperor Tadaka I

Ozeki Sumo

The Sumai match between eight ozeki ranked sumo began with Soshi Hiroaki replaced by Bayushi Konitsu – himself an honorary ozeki from the Topaz Championship four years prior. A healthy side-betting began as the matches took place with Rikishi prompting Daidoji Ishi to place bets for him.


The opening day of the Turquoise Championship revealed a Display of Art for art’s sake. Each of the contestants put forth a great effort to earn the favor of the judges with Doji Seiyami portraying origami, Ikoma Jun revealing a song to influence Atari Damare, and others exhibiting their various arts. Kakita Natsune earned the greatest attention for a carefully constructed bonsai tree earning the favor of all three judges.

Doji Seiyami: 1 Favor
Ikoma Jun: 2 Favor
Shosuro Mieko: 2 Favor
Kakita Natsune: 3 Favor
Asahina Eiko: 1 Favor
Ikoma Kazue: 2 Favor
Isawa Riako: 2 Favor
Akasha: 2 Favor

Iuchi Saotome and Shinjo Bushime began attempts to convince members of the court to join them on a dangerous winter hunt deep into the wilds of the Seto Mori. Bayushi Konitsu at first opposes such behavior, but puts up little fight after a few days.

Murder Most Foul

Kitsuki Rinjin discovers the murdered body of Matsu Hotaru, Taisa of the Legions defending Kyuden Kurogane Hana. Hotaru is found in a favored spot for observation, the Star Observatory. Morning frost covered his form with no wounds apparent on the body. A single emerald token rested in his palm – a symbol of the Office of the Emerald Magistrate.

Bayushi Konitsu is charged with taking command of the legions in Hotaru’s absence and Kiwadoi told to discover the assassin post haste. Poison was involved in the murder, but after investigation it appeared that the poison was used only to subdue and that Hotaru was taken from his room and carried up to the top of the Star Observatory by a mysterious figure. One of the servants spoke to Ikoma Jun and whispered about a strange, shadowy figure that stepped in an out of the darkness.


OOC: The majority of this game was held in little interactions between the players and each other and NPCs of various types. I could detail all of the little goings on, but none were memorable enough to be huge – each was instead a little stepping stone towards the next big maneuver.

9 xp



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