Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - Winter Petals Fall, Part II


Shosuro Mieko’s Fall

Winter Court

Game: 19
Players: Jason, Logan, Bobby, Fritz, Lindsey
Date: 9 MAR 2014

1173, Last Year in the Reign of Emperor Tadaka I


- Remind Fritz about Gentry Advantage
- Clarify TN rules (Reflexes x5 +5 OR Reflexes x5 + (Def x2) if Defense is 3 or higher; not BOTH!)
- Changes to the Court Battle System
o Modifying the system so that each round of the Court Battle can take place over a whole day or days instead of a single sitting

In Character

Shifting Favor

PC’s utilize downtime in order to manipulate the court, engage with the Game of Letters, and generally involve themselves in politics. Doji Seiyami shifts Yoritomo Zenwadi against Miya Santomu with well-placed rumor. Ikoma Jun ingratiates himself with Atari Damare.

Murder, Death, Kill

Doji Seiyami chooses to weaken her opponent, Shosuro Mieko, through means far more appropriate to the Scorpion than the Crane. Seiyami acquires Dripping Poison and utilizes a combination of stealth and cunning to force Mieko to imbibe the concoction in her sleep. The intent was to weaken Mieko, but Seiyami overestimated the Scorpion’s constitution and the dripping poison killed the manipulative Scorpion. Seiyami left behind a trace of Ide Hito’s perfume as she fled the scene.

Brutish Arrival

Susumu, Imperial Advisor, and his entourage (to include the majority of the Crab contingent) arrive in Kyuden Kurogane Hana. Bayushi Konitsu, knowing that the Han Shan Otokodate would attempt to ambush such a prestigious force, personally escorts the Advisor and company with a large band of men preventing such an occurrence.

Bayushi Kiwadoi discovers a need for more yoriki after she is forced to clean up after her brother’s mess (the bloody body on the rooftop). Ikoma Jun and Bayushi Konitsu work to provide further allies to free up Kiwadoi and Rinjin to tackle the murder investigations.

Daidoji Ishi discovers that Shosuro Mieko is related to a man named Shosuro Kumade. Kumade was bound in Traitor’s Grove centuries before (his information is in the Hidden Library). Ishi further discovers than Kumade’s tree in Traitor’s Grove has recently been burned and that the spirit is potentially free to wander the land.

Ancestral Challenge

Daidoji Ishi and Ikoma Jun conspire to call forth a great Kenshinzen ancestor trained in the Daidoji style: Kakita Rensei. Rensei reveals Ishi’s connection tot he Gate of the Dead. Ishi challenges the renowned duelist to a test of skill and Rensei handily defeats the younger upstart in front of Kakita Amika. However, Ishi proves his skill in being able to engage with Rensei at all and Amika states her willingness to give him one shot, one challenge against her in the future.

Dark Fate

Kitsuki Rinjin informs Bayushi Kiwadoi of a connection in all the murders: each target has had some relation to a faction in opposition to the PCs (the faction include Shosuro Mieko, Hiruma Iniko, Yoritomo Gendou, and Shiba Akiko).

Shosuro Mieko died in the morning from the Dripping Poison, however Ikoma Jun is unable to locate her spirit within the Spirit Realms. Instead, he finds her soul ill, constantly retching, and sick in Ningen-Do. Soshi Hiroaki, ozeki sumo of the Scorpion, and a few allies come to challenge Bayushi Konitsu as they believe he is the cause of Mieko’s death. Konitsu uses false courtesy to draw Hiroaki into an Iaido attack and kills the sumo. As the fight begins to break out in earnest it is suddenly stopped by the arrival of Shosuro Mieko herself! She calms the fight and leaves behind a warning in the form of a scented fan issuing the perfume Seiyami left behind in her room. The PCs are left wondering what Shosuro Mieko is: spirit or monster?

• 8xp



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