Legends of Rokugan

GM's Log - Winter Petals Fall, Part I


Shiva Kali-Ma, Champion of Jigoku


Zansatsu (Matsu Tadaka), Champion of Toshigoku

Winter Court

Game: 18
Players: Jason, Logan, Bobby, Fritz, Lindsey
Date: 2 MAR 2014

1173, Last Year in the Reign of Emperor Tadaka I


The PCs discover the startling news at the beginning of Winter Court that Emperor Tadaka I, first of his Dynasty, will be stepping down from the throne in order to retire at the end of this year’s Winter Court. Ikoma Jun was the first to break the news to the court gaining him the Darling of the Court advantage for a time.

The PC’s met in secret in order to discuss their fortunes in Kyuden Kurogane Hana. Having grown tired of the constant political backbiting and near-constant barrage of assaults from Zenshin and other fronts, the characters decided to redouble their efforts at Takeover. Each of the characters began various processes to set into motion a chain of events that will lead to them coming out on top by the end of Winter.

Dream a Little Dream of Destruction

All of Rokugan shares a nightmare portending disaster. With Fu Leng cast down as Champion of Jigoku, the dream reveals a new Champion of Jigoku – a foreign god far to the south in the Ivory Kingdoms known as Shiva Kali-Ma, the Destroyer. However, as the new Champion of Jigoku rose up to crush her enemies and turn her sights towards Rokugan, the shifting Celestial Order belched forth an opponent. Matsu Tadaka, now the Fortune of Slaughter Zansatsu, chose to take the Mantle of Champion of Toshigoku, first ever of his kind. Zansatsu immediately unleashed his full power against the disgusting foreign invader. The epic battle was waged with the Legacy of the Forge, Tsuno, and the dead of the Realm of Slaughter pit against the Ironclad Destroyers. In the end, the Ivory Kingdoms were destroyed utterly, but Shiva Kali-Ma fell. Zansatsu absorbed her power and settled back to the Realm of Slaughter. However, he is not happy with the status of Rokugan and seeks to test their mettle against a far more dangerous foe than Jigoku could ever offer.

A Murder Most Foul

Bayushi Kiwadoi is the new Emerald Magistrate of Kyuden Kurogane Hana, though only Kitsuki Rinjin has stayed on as her yoriki. The position is overloaded with work because of a new series of grisly murders taking place throughout the Kyuden. Each target is found devoid of wounds or markings and it is believed their souls have been taken. Kiwadoi personally sets out to uncover the culprit.

In the process of investigation, Kiwadoi and allies discover a Hidden Repository behind a fake ancestor within Shinden Emma-O. Behind the hidden alcove is a library filled with ciphered texts. After a few are deciphered, Kiwadoi realizes that the library contains all the secret traitors to both the Lion (Ikoma, specifically) and Scorpion (Bayushi, specifically) to include those banned from worship in the Hall of Ancestors and those bound in Traitor’s Grove.

Additionally, Kitsuki Rinjin finally puts together a list of the nemuranai stolen from the Temple revealing some of the purpose behind a few of the items.

Black and Purple

Bayushi Konitsu returns from yet another excursion against the Han Shan Otokodate in the dead of winter to find a letter from Ide Hito requesting an audience. Upon arriving, Konitsu is given a choice: comply with Hito’s desire to have Doji Seiyami or face the consequences of refusal. Konitsu mocked the Unicorn paramour and earned the wrath of Moto Gadal, a priest of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang.

Midnight Court

Ikoma Jun and his allies, specifically [former Gion] Miko and Yasuki Jin, form an unofficial secondary court called the Midnight Court. It takes place at parties at gatherings after hours and holds no official sanction, though many deals are accomplished within its bounds.

On one of the Midnight Court’s nights, Jun sets Miko to seducing Otomo Takashi; Konitsu aggravates Ide Hito (see above); Doji Seiyami and Daidoji Ishi become acquainted; Seiyami and Yoritomo Zenwadi discuss Atari Damare, the Atari family heir; and the Steel Magistrate cousins, Shinjo Bushime and Iuchi Saotome set forth a challenge of pepper.

Mieko slanders Kiwadoi in open court, but fails in her efforts and becomes a target of ridicule for a time.

Ikoma Jidai, Jun’s zealous father, dredges up old wounds and new challenges hoping to rile his son up and force him to follow a ‘true path’.

A Cold, Dark Night

As the Midnight Court reigns supreme Ikoma Jun and Bayushi Konitsu venture outside into the winter air. Konitsu has discovered a stalking spirit and between them the Lion and Scorpion discover that a ninja is using magic to force the spirit into hiding his form. The assassin leaves and Konitsu follows, offering the blessing of the kami to his Bayushi ally. Konitsu foils an ambush attempt and leaves a bloody and broken corpse atop a roof before returning to the Midnight Court.

Red Crane

Doji Mikohime (O) attempts to take command of the court (Court Battle) but underestimates her opponents and loses ground to the PCs.

XP: +7

+1 xp to Bobby for Obligation (Doji Seiyami)
+1 xp for Logan for Obligation (Doji O)

Kiwadoi loses Dark Secret (since no one will actually have it come into play)



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